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C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 08:18:49
Apolyton has one:
This is the usual stuff you hear everywhere.

Loud Medicine has 2 Stations

for amateur rock/pop and
for bizarre stuff

Any ideas for a CG station?

NOTE: You can only pick tracks listed at mp3.com

Resource Consumer
20-11-2001, 10:16:12
Interesting how different the LM list is from the extremely unimaginative list for Apolyton. I suppose it should be something that draws in potential interesting posters?

BTW, I still can't believe that "Killing Nuns" gets a "Parental Advisory":D

20-11-2001, 10:42:09
I listened to Acoustic kickass yesterday which sounded like some teenage kid and his friends, it was laughable.
Worth listening to when you think you should pack in playing guitar.

20-11-2001, 10:52:24
You should update the rock/pop channel to use the newer version of Theme From the Unholy.

C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 11:20:53
The Stations are frozen at the moment, it's a lot of work ...

C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 11:21:58
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
"Parental Advisory":D I did that because it's gaining more attention that way ...

C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 11:24:06
Obviously someone at poly checked the rock/pop charts
A little sad though, because it's the same old stuff ... well, like Civ3

20-11-2001, 12:27:51
Perhaps people could nominate songs for the CG radio station and we could vote between 2 or 3 songs a week to see which ones get added?

C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 14:57:28
The problem is to check out which songs are available at mp3.com. Nobody will listening to all that. I spent a lot of time at mp3 com to find out songs. Plus, it's really difficult to find unknown stuff (the curse of the charts. You only look at the first 3 pages).

Resource Consumer
20-11-2001, 16:30:27
Why don't we all undertake to submit one NEW work for the counterglow radio station to MP3.com?

C.G.B. Spender
20-11-2001, 16:46:35
Good idea

Resource Consumer
21-11-2001, 11:41:04
There are enough of us here to make something interesting.

I shall write something over the weekend.

21-11-2001, 11:47:04
One of my new housemates has a huge recording set up in his room. Might see if he wants to collaborate on something with me.