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31-01-2005, 16:14:30
I went to see them this saturday at a nice club called Gagarin 205. It was ok. First some absolute wankers came on who, you couldn't tell if they had guitars or a screaming cat plugged to the amplifiers. Also you couldn't tell in what langauge they were singing. That was a torture we thought it would never end. Fortunately sometime it did. Then we had to wait another half hour for therapy's equipment, soundcheck to be set and done. After numerous beers they finally came on. Andy has gotten even more fat. They opened the show with "on my own" (could be a different title, that's the refrain lyrics). Fortunately the sound was mediocre because this club has a well deserved reputation for being horrible with sound quality.

Things were beggining to warm up untill some other wankers decided to have a fight at the middle of the crowd (the attendance was optimal, full house but not to the point of feeling like being in a sardine tinbox). Andy acted very professionaly and stopped, instructed the lights to be thrown at said wankers, security came and they were expelled. Then they kept on singing rocking monkeys which with their outwordly generosity dedicated to the wankers that opened the show.

It was 10 years since they were here again so they did a wise choice not to dazzle our balls with new and obscure songs but simply play their "hits". Screamanger, knifes, going nowhere, happy people have no stories. And it was all very nice. The thing is they could have played something from their high anxiety record but anyway. Also a negative point is that they played for a little over 1.20 minutes. I wasn't satisfied and I wanted more. It's a bit cheap to play just for 1 hour something although I think this is starting to become the norm. All in all a rather good show but just a little bit shorter than we were expecting.

31-01-2005, 16:21:41
Cool. I saw them 3 times last year and once late 2003. Very mixed bag of gigs including one great one and one mediocre one in Reading.

The new album is really good, one of their best for ages.

Mr. Bas
31-01-2005, 18:38:46
I agree about their last album, although High Anxiety was pretty good as well. I just saw they'll be coming to Groningen in April, so it's quite likely I'll be seeing them in two months. I really enjoyed their gig last year as well, but I agree that the show should have been a bit longer...

01-02-2005, 13:58:43
BTW I was wrong they did play a song or two from High Anxiety just not my favorite one from that album (My Voodoo Doll). I will check their new album. I needed two days for my aching body to recover from the concert and now I'm hooked on TroubleGum again. That album is really a masterpiece start to finish imho.