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28-01-2005, 10:34:20
I'm seriously investigating re-visiting the model railroading world. I had one as a kid (beautiful Lionel O gauge train, much too valuable to actually use now--it was my dad's as a kid) that my father and grandfather built for me.
I've got the 8' x 8' table in my garage rafters still...I'm thinking I can thinly veil the hobby as being chiefly for my sons' delight.

Damn...you can make a pretty big HO layout on that kind of real estate.

Uh oh...it's starting.

The Mad Monk
28-01-2005, 10:38:53
Be sure to ring it with big mountains, so you can have bridges and tunnels stacked on top of each other, and fit a good ninety yards of track in!

28-01-2005, 10:45:09
A ha! So I'm not alone, am I?

The Mad Monk
28-01-2005, 10:50:36
I harbor...dreams.

28-01-2005, 10:54:42
I had one must have been about 8'x6' had a sort of plateau built up in the middle from polystyrene sheets with a couple of tunnels running under it and a line climbing the hill on gantries around the edge. Then a couple of linked circuits around the bottom.

28-01-2005, 10:56:19
It seems like a lot of work for someone with ADHD. I'll probably give up halfway and have another hobby/disaster to deal with.

28-01-2005, 10:57:32
Model trains never did it for me. Model planes on the other hand.

28-01-2005, 11:00:13
I've always wanted to be fabulously wealthy and have elaborate model ships, fully armed, to battle my friends with in my ostentatious Greco-Roman pool.

Can you buy battle ready model planes?

28-01-2005, 11:01:22
RC planes are the best. Nothing like dive bombing that annoy little runt who lives across the street on a Sunday afternoon.

28-01-2005, 11:01:35
human chess!

28-01-2005, 11:04:13
I wouldn't be comfortable using humans...monkeymen, however...that would be ok.

28-01-2005, 11:05:14
Use cows with human hearts.

28-01-2005, 11:08:55
We kind of do already...here in rural USA a popular fundraiser is laying out a grid in a field and betting on a cow taking a crap in your numbered square.

Errr...not sure if they have human hearts, though.

Provost Harrison
28-01-2005, 11:59:34

29-01-2005, 05:44:20
Hey, they only do that in the months there's no NASCAR racing and no football being played.

The Mad Monk
29-01-2005, 07:03:35
Originally posted by Provost Harrison

Oh please, he didn't even get into what they do with the chips once they're dry.