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27-01-2005, 13:15:33
this long-fabled object of man's imagination will become real at last, and I don't mean just some computergraphics...

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Provost Harrison
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Now THIS is a copycat thread people. Take note.

Provost Harrison
27-01-2005, 13:25:51
I must admit it is a sterling effort...

28-01-2005, 12:00:51
seeing as how the other thread has sadly gone polyserious (NOI, s_s :)) I realise now the sheer potential I had unaware in my hands here:
so, scientits can grow human heart valves in pigs?
well, it mustn't be a great lip from valves to vulvas, ain't it?

Now, Funko, imagine a sheep, genetically provided with a human, or more precisely a woman's.... would you prefer it, or is it exactly the pristine nature feeling that you seek?

On another note, ther was no phonetics in the entry!
I think you pronounce quim like quit or quill.
But the mention of portuguese goalie Quim made me think it can be pronounced that way, like Ecudaor's capital Quito...
That is, like Quim Novak, or Quim Cattrall... :D

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Provost Harrison
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28-01-2005, 12:14:50
Originally posted by Funkodrom


:lol: @ Me

28-01-2005, 12:16:13
It had such an effect on you you forgot how to type :D