View Full Version : Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

27-01-2005, 13:13:16
Bought a soundcard for my new computer, and since I don't plan on buying the rest for a bit, I stuck it in my old one - it came with Raven Shield and the newest Tomb Raider bundled. I'm not so into Tomb Raider, so I shelved it for more desperate circumstances.

Hardest game ever. I'm obsessed, though. part of the difficulty is due to bugs, but they're often entertaining as well.

I think they deliberately lobotomized my teamate AI. The enemies seem a good bit brighter.

If you've played, do you make your own plans or just tweak the ones provided?

Cool bugs - In the airport, if I shoot a guy with a silenced 9mm, the terrorist in another room, that can't see me or my target. sometimes kills the hostages anyway.
OTOH, if I wait for the target to patrol to my side of the room, I can kill him with an unsilenced MP5 and nothing happens to the hostages. I suppose the target could give a strangled cry that could be heard through interior walls?

My team sometimes gets stuck in the cars on the highway tunnel mission - I have to run and bump into the stuck one to get them unstuck. The others won't leave the stuck one behind.

One of my teamates suddenly decided the outside of the mansion wall was a thread and began running up and down the low stairs firing into the wall until he presumably ran out of ammo.

After roughly eight hours of play, I've finished four missions, I think (the mansion is four or five?).