View Full Version : My friend Lani says

26-01-2005, 14:22:43

Viagra is the #1 med to struggle with mens' erectile dysfunction.
Like one jokes sais, it is stronq enouqh for a man ,but made for a woman ;-)

Ordering Viagra online is a very convinient ,fast and secure way!
MiIIions of peopIe do it daiIy to save their privacy and money

That Lani!...Always thinking of others :D

miester gandertak
26-01-2005, 14:29:52
Lani sucks?

26-01-2005, 14:41:53
Joke sais? For the Ninja Comedian?

26-01-2005, 15:25:46
I got an email today where the subject bar just said:

"Desiring to encounter compliments?"

26-01-2005, 15:43:23
Why yes. I would like to encounter a compliment or two. Unfortunately looking like a retarded mutant with a hamburger face, dressed like a slob, and having the personality of a boring, pissed off, rabid vampire bat leaves me short in the compliment department (and dick department) on a daily basis.

Now I fear I've said too much.

26-01-2005, 15:47:40