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23-01-2005, 18:21:36
Watching the new "Battlestar Galactica", which I like a lot more than I thought, reminded me of another space "Combat" program.
Anyone else think that "Space: Above and Beyond" is an overlooked masterpiece?
James Wong, of "X-Files", "Millennium" and many many more, fame.

24-01-2005, 06:49:26
S:AnB was ok. I didn't like how they'd have pilots doing grunt stuff. Space was nice in that they'd kill off major characters now and then.

24-01-2005, 12:41:52
I was gutted when they cancelled it. It had so much potential.

The title "Battlestar Galactica" is a damned joke.

I don't think the show itself going to be too good, but the jury is still out.

There's a disturbing lack of shiny silver short-shorts on the ladies.

25-01-2005, 03:45:46
You mean, "Boobystar Gangbangers"? I think it needs more red cylon lights going up and down surgically enhanced blonde bombshells. And more explosions. And more people and cylons shooting each other.

25-01-2005, 03:59:26
There is a blong cylon - what more do you need?

25-01-2005, 04:03:58
She needs to be in more scenes, of course. Less of this Apollo trying to pee in his daddy's tea cup, and less of StarBoinker trying to have guilty sex with him, and less of the Prez gal trying to seduce him. I mean, he's so obviously gay and in love with his dad. Those gals are just going to get their hearts broke. So sad...

25-01-2005, 04:10:40
Dunno if its in the UK yet. I just saw the pilot.

25-01-2005, 06:09:50
Some get Sci-Fi there, don't they? Off satellite feeds?

25-01-2005, 06:12:27
when is BS:G on again?


Jon miller

25-01-2005, 06:14:33
Yeppers. It's 9 pm Central. Right after the Star Gate, and SG: Atlantis.

25-01-2005, 06:31:30
Remember the show Brimstone?

This was a great overlooked show that was cancelled before its time.

25-01-2005, 21:49:40
SAB was ok, but too limited.

The new Galatica is pretty good.

25-01-2005, 22:29:12
Brimstone was a pretty fair show.

Sir Penguin
28-01-2005, 09:33:14
Originally posted by Spartak
Dunno if its in the UK yet. I just saw the pilot.
It aired in the UK months ago. I understand SkyOne put up a bunch of money to pay for it, in exchange for the right to air it before the Americans did.

The new Battlestar Galactical rules. High babe factor, but it's not all about sex. Darkstar just thinks it is, because he's a programmer and loses interest during the parts that are actually good.


Sir Penguin
28-01-2005, 09:37:18
It's almost as good as Firefly, it even has its own cute engineer-chick. The story is a lot more straightforward though.


28-01-2005, 21:30:42
Originally posted by Sir Penguin
Darkstar just thinks it is, because he's a programmer and loses interest during the parts that are actually good.

:lol: Now, that could be true. Or, I don't want to get into a fight with my GF, who has decided it's just soft porn for the uber-geeks. ;) She's pissed that StarFuck is a gal and not a gorgeous hunk of blond man-meat.

There are some interesting plot possibilities. I think this Baltar is doing a fantastic job. I like how the producers have stated that Boobystar will never, ever, ever, ever go to earth. They'll go out and shoot anyone that tries that. Way cool. They'll have to figure out how to jump their shark in a different fashion.

If BG maintains its current writing, it will stay a success. The problem is that series never maintain their quality.

And they don't give the cute, girl next door engineer enough screen time. ;)

The plot can get better or worse, but its predictability level is currently high. Lot of "these characters are knocking boots, these characters are about to" elements with little else as a theme (other then all technology is evil because man is evil and everything man does is therefore evil and will destroy him in the end). Reminder to SP: the producers have stated that's the whole purpose of the series: sex, sex, and more sex. Their overriding theme is that you stick men and women together, and the only thing that gets done is sex, sex, and trying to get more sex. Everything people do is just part of their displaying to get someone to have sex with them. I think that qualifies the series for the title "Boobystar Gangbangers".

Of course, themes and story arches can change. If BG stays to its producer's picked theme, then that won't be too interesting, unless the characters are very detailed and the audience becomes highly involved/attached with them. If they go to the SF cupboard and break out the classic themes, then it could be an interesting series to watch. We will see what the future brings.

02-02-2005, 13:19:39
to SP: the producers have stated that's the whole purpose of the series: sex, sex, and more sex

Where did you get that?

I just read a couple of interviews with Ron Moore and didn't get that impression at all.

02-02-2005, 21:01:51
Interviews in TV Guide they gave. They wanted to use Boobystar to examine and go into depth in the Power of Sex... The having men commanding women that they want to have sex with, having women command men that they want to have sex with, men and women who depend on each doing their job correctly having sex, the war monger and the peace nick through together and wanting to have sex, the cylons wanting to have sex with their creators, and sex sex sex and sex.

Almost every sentence they gave featured "sex". Maybe they were trying to pump up the ratings, but the interviews amounted to "Who would tune in for the original? It was so boring! Now, include sex, and everyone tunes in. Desperate people running for their lives from an overwhelming force are going to have sex like crazy! Men commanding women are going to have sex with them, whether they like it or not! Woman commanding men are going to have sex with them whether they like it or not! And everyone knows when a woman cannot get her way with stubborn men, she drops her pants and sexes him until he surrenders! And boy, do we have lots of gorgeous women working desperately to save humanity from total destruction and lots of stubborn men! Lots of sex! None of that sexual tension that never gets released on this show! That's not realistic! They are going to go and have sex. If not with who they want, then with whoever is available. That's the main them of this Battlestar Galactica. How everyone is a sexual being. How sexual beings respond under pressure. How all our creations are themselves sexual beings, as we cannot make anything but what we know. How even the cyclons have to evolve into being sexual beings to understand how humans think. That will be the seed of their downfall, and humanity's final salvation.

That's what turned me off Boobystar in the beginning. All he talked about was its central theme of sex. Look, military people might be horn dogs. Desperate people on the run might screw like rabbits. But it doesn't sound like much of a SF show, does it? A porn series, sure, but not what the original BG was about.

After that TV Guide interview, there was another interview that was given by the producers that go ran in my local paper. Again, they talked about the theme of sex, of how men and women act when you put them together in combat, always sneaking off to screw in whatever bit of privacy they can find, and how they are more worried about looking good for each other, and who is screwing their stress relief partner when they aren't around rather then surviving to tomorrow. How if you put a few hundred men and women together, you always get that middle school or high school immature sexual environment, rather then something dedicated to doing its job. The series will demonstrate that, often, and repeatily.

Those two pieces spelled doomed, as far as I was concerned. It was either soft porn, or a high school dating drama set in space, according to the producers of the show.

The series could turn out ok. But most series deteriorate. So I don't have moderate expectations for it, at this time.

02-02-2005, 21:09:10
In other words
"yes they DID!!"

02-02-2005, 21:27:54
Well, the TV guide piece really could have been aimed at attracting a wider audience. Would have been smart marketting. Who reads TV Guide, after all? I only knew about the piece because my mother told me about it, and saved that TV guide so I could read it. She remembered what a big fan of the original I was as a child.

The piece in the paper, however, made it sound, well... bleah. When people's lives are threatened, its a rare person that worries about how they look rather then trying to stay alive. And it sounded like it was going to be "90210" on the Galactica. Only with Colonial Vipers instead of hot cars.

SF did a piece with the producers, back before they showed the mini-series (the pilot). In it, the producers talked about how the central focus of the new Galatica was going to be Sex Under Pressure and Sex in Combat. It was the only thing they really talked about. How the cylons are now "human" and "addicted to sex", and how the crew will never know if that hot woman they are having sex with is a cylon or not (and it probably is, wink wink, cut to Baltar and Ms. Bombshell doing it while the red cylon light goes up her back). Indeed, the majority of the time the producers said "cylon", the teaser cut to the blonde character, rubbing on Baltar, teasing him, playing sex kitten. Once they mentioned that some cylons don't know they are cylons, they started mixxing in lots of sceens of the Boomer playing "Do me! Do me! Do me!" (engaged in various make out scenes with various men).

So I wonder... where did I get the idea that its just Boobystar Gangbangers? That's it just about sex? Cannot imagine. :gotit: I know! Venom told me! You know, Venom is never wrong about TV or porn. ;)

Sir Penguin
03-02-2005, 01:01:25
It's interesting that outside of the pilot there is only one couple that is having sex, if you don't count Baltar and himself. And that couple was just told in episode 3 to stop having sex.


03-02-2005, 13:22:58
OK, I didn't even think of print media as a source. :lol:

It makes sense now that you say you read it in a checkout line magazine.

He gave a totally different interview on the BG website.

03-02-2005, 21:14:38
I am glad he did. The series doesn't need it. But it looks to me that they are going to include it, at least for a while.

SP, have you actually watched the show? So far, 5 main characters have been having sex, and fairly regularly. Baltar and his lady (both main), Boomer and her boy (both main), Starbuck (main) and her dead boy (recurring, minor character). They are at one coupling per show on average. And of course, they are setting up a lot more potentional. From the previews shown during the first BG series teaser on SF, we can expect Baltar and StarFuck, StarFuck and Adoma, StarFuck and Apollo, Apollo and the President, Apollo and Boomer, Boomer and Helo, Boomer and her Boy, and Boomer and Bombshell. All shown making out, just about to make out, or flirting together and getting naked in the teasers. That's a lot of sexxing, about to sex, just got done sexxing, or wanting to sex for a series that isn't about sex. That's above the sex level in the daily soaps, isn't it? And that isn't including "incidentals" and new characters introduced on the occupied home worlds.

I think this BG is out to show that there is a real niche for "space opera" in the cheesy sense. Not in the original "Buck Rogers", "Flash Gordon", or even "Battlestar Galactica" sense. I hope I'm wrong on that (BG doesn't need it to be a good series), but at this point, I don't see any serious evidence that I am.

Sir Penguin
04-02-2005, 00:28:09
DS, have you been reading my posts? In the first 3 episodes, the only characters who are having sex are Boomer and the Chief, and Baltar and himself. Out of... how many characters? A dozen or so?


07-02-2005, 20:56:41
I've been reading your posts.

Baltar is having Net sex. There is a cylon on the other end of that transmission, you know. So its not "sex with himself". Otherwise, the Chief is also only having "sex with himself" as Boomer wouldn't count either.

You forgot StarBuck and her dead fiance. Again. Did you miss the two parter, 4 and 5?

They are still averaging one sexual incident per show. The "rescue StarBuck" 2 parter had StarBuck and her dead boy in the first part, and Baltar having some foreplay with Six (his Blonde Cylon Sex Machine).

So, are you using Clinton's definition of sex then? It's only sex if you decide it is? Or is it that having never had sex, you don't recognize anything is sex unless you see hard penetration and a money shot?

There are what? Episode #6 is coming up. They've had sex, attempted (interrupted just as they are starting) sex, just got done with sex (repeatedly), attempted forced sex, lots of foreplay, and lots of flirting and drooling on each other already. Just how much of that do you dispute? Is that just for realism? Or is it put in to keep the dweebs watching? It's got my GF rolling her eyes whenever they do that, so it's not for the ladies. So who is the target for all that? You?

Keep watching. More is definately coming. But why bother? Couldn't that time be better spent on other things?

Sir Penguin
07-02-2005, 21:36:41
No, dipstick, I'm not using Clinton's definition of sex. I'm saying that your claim that the whole series is about having sex, and that everybody wants to have sex, is idiotic.

Episode 6 is good. If you watch carefully at the beginning, during the scene on Occupied Caprica, they have a shot of the Scotiabank tower in Vancouver. They didn't even edit out the Scotiabank logo from the top of the building:


I hope they got paid for it. :)


07-02-2005, 22:01:41
I haven't seen episode 6 yet. That's this coming friday's episode. #5 was Starbuck getting back to the Galactica.

I said that the only thing they hyped about the series on SF and in the entertainment media is that it was about sex. I also said that sex features prominently in the show, and that I don't think it needs to.

It does seem to have a few other things going on other then sexually related stories. But whether it will rise out of the "soapiness", that I'm doubtful of at this time.

I'm not against a "soap", if the characterization is well done. Character driven stories can be just as interesting as plot driven stories. Having a mix of both can work. As long as the series doesn't bog down in musical beds, then it isn't completely hopeless. But since series denegerate, I am unsure how long "Six" can keep the series on air.

08-02-2005, 03:24:46
I don't know waht show your watching DS, but sex plays almost no part in BG.

Baltar is dimented, either mind controlled or delussional, none of the other characters are overly sexed up.

Sir Penguin
08-02-2005, 05:56:34
Except the other main Cylon.