View Full Version : What's coming in the near future for the PC?

12-01-2005, 06:05:59
I'm casually looking for 1 or 2 types of games:

1) Might and Magic style fantasy RPG that I can play as a single player.

2) Civ or Heroes of Might and Magic style fantasy city building and distroying strategy game I can play as a single player.

At this point, I no longer expect to see a good turn-based RPG game, but I'm still expecting a good game that I can play by myself. I don't wish to pay or playing in an online community. I'm a tad too old school for today's games. What's on the near horizon for games from either of these genres?

12-01-2005, 12:48:17
Kotor 2 is coming out soon.

I played Arx Fatalis last year - it was a decent game for the price at the time. I can't remember having major gripes with any part of it, outside of getting lost in some of the more mazelike portions, despite having a map. Wizardry 8 was kind of fun, too.
Arx isn't a turn-based RPG, but its not as fast paced as an FPS, and its got plenty of character stats and items to fool around with.

The Mad Monk
14-01-2005, 04:58:23
I got Icewind Dale (the first one) last week as part of a warehouse 3 pack.

I haven't posted much this week. :)

14-01-2005, 23:43:11
GalCiv2 (basically Civ in Space) will be available in February. They are adding in a few MoO style features (like, designing you own ships). Star Dock will call that "Beta" until some time next year, but their starting betas are better then most game publishers shipped final product.

Sir Penguin
14-01-2005, 23:57:57
Supposedly HoMM 5 is supposed to be announced this month. I guess that's not really near-future.