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10-01-2005, 18:50:55
Did you guys know about this?

10-01-2005, 22:38:00
gotta register... I won';t

10-01-2005, 23:32:45
what I love about the making of this film is that Philip Pullman set out to write a book that was anti-God and discussed the destruction of religion, (like Star Wars), and so the Americans have decided that in order to keep the film as true to the book as possible, they will remove the pesky God theme, and thus, the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT. maybe thats God's way of laughing at Philip Pullman.

11-01-2005, 10:01:53
Well... (spoilers below)

It's not really anti-God, I didn't think, if anything it's anti-organised religion. The message seems to be that doing evil in the name of good or behaving with blind obedience to a higher power without questioning the morality behind what that power is telling you to do is a bad thing.

In fact in the third book it's made very clear that 'God' isn't really God but someone/thing that has assumed the form of God to further it's own ends.

Apparently the former director (who's now just writing the screenplay) went to Pullman after the studio expressed it's concerns and he said it doesn't necessarily have to be 'God' it could be any other figurehead as long as the theme of blindly following the leadership etc. was kept intact.

Personally I am totally in agreement with you that they should have kept it as it was. ;)

Although obviously it can be mistaken for an anti-God piece, so I was wrong about that. :D

11-01-2005, 23:46:59
well then pullman is a corporate whore and I shit on his effigy

I've heard him interviewed on the radio where he wa sonly to happy to expound on his anti god theme and how he doesnt believe in a higher power

I ask you- if a higher power did not exist, would we have chocolate, alcohol, or rampant rabbits?

11-01-2005, 23:53:01
I am actually quite fucked off by the entire dark materials trilogy. About two years ago before I had caught wind of anything but the titles of the trilogy, I conceived an idea for a kids book about a girl who goes into an alternative universe and has to search for God, becauise he has gone missing, and also it had a foundation who were kidnapping children. Dint get very fucking far with it after I heard the plots of Dark Materials. Have yet to read them. Sure I will love them. Great idea :grr:

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12-01-2005, 13:50:50
What does being American have to do with the decision to remove God from the storyline? They're liberal studio execs, they make stupid decisions all the time and they hate God. Of course they're going to remove him.

12-01-2005, 13:52:45
I needn't bother reading the rest of the series now, then. :)

12-01-2005, 14:02:51
Originally posted by Venom
What does being American have to do with the decision to remove God from the storyline? They're liberal studio execs, they make stupid decisions all the time and they hate God. Of course they're going to remove him.

The article in the other thread said they removed the god thing because they feared it'd make it too controversial for the American market.

12-01-2005, 14:34:20
So? It still doesn't mean being an American made the studio execs take the material out. It means being afraid of their audience made them take it out. The nationality was just another cheap shot.

12-01-2005, 15:11:23
I know what you mean, I wouldn't have phrased it like that.

12-01-2005, 15:21:14
Even I thought it was a bit much...and I don't usually give a shit

13-01-2005, 22:06:12
A bit much? i barely said anything! Jesus Christ on toast you people are over-sensitive! I didn't say all Americans are slags or Americans suck monkey nuts or anything!

I was referring, of course, to the American religious sensibility. For instance I can't imagine French or English fim makers cutting out an anti-God theme for fear of offending Christians (they'd probably consider it a bonus). In America its common practise to modify stuff for the God Squad, as they are a massive part of the population and they'll get in shit if they don't .

I think this detracts from the meaning of the film/book. However Pullman is obviously so delighted that he's coining it in, that he would probably let them change 'God' to 'Rod Hull & Emu'.

OK? :rolleyes:

Immortal Wombat
13-01-2005, 23:02:53
The interchangableness of God with Rod Hull and Emu works in quite a lot of contexts.

"Rod Hull and Emu are dead" - Nietzsche

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14-01-2005, 17:28:16
God schmod.

14-01-2005, 23:27:12
Sleeper, chill out. Hollywood would put God into every movie if it was the "God Squad" they were going to anger or offend. Angering or offending the "God Squad" of America is a great way to guarantee major tickets sold! But they were afraid the "liberal squad" would be offended, and that's who fund the movies which are made in the Hollywood industry.

When someone says "We took out all religious references", that's who they are doing it for. The "American Liberal". Making a movie where Madonna potrays a female Jesus who tosses everyone's salad on screen is perfectly acceptable. But have some scenes that your executive producers and their bosses might misunderstand as being respectful in the slightest, and the movie is in serious danger of being shit-canned. So they change it to try and get it through the filming and production process so it can get released and offend the "God Squad". Understand? That's what Venom is referring to.

15-01-2005, 01:52:56
this thread now officially sucks

fuck I'm high on paint fumes

15-01-2005, 07:11:33
You started it sucking. Bitching about cultural common knowledge items in American culture. (Now, you may laugh. :D)

Sounds like you need better ventilation.

15-01-2005, 15:38:23
do you have culture there then? :D


22-05-2007, 19:53:06
:coolgrin: I'm back!

23-05-2007, 07:50:59
Welcome back. :beer:

The cast looks great, I am still very wary how it can be a good film with all the religious stuff taken out.

23-05-2007, 08:16:13
saw a mini trailer this morning.

casting looks good. didn't spot the 'demons' in any of the clips, strangely... and they're going to have to do a bloody good job explaining what is going on.

otoh, this thread sucks

24-05-2007, 02:34:17
What ever happened to Norks?

24-05-2007, 08:16:52
a baby

24-05-2007, 08:24:16
3 people at work have young babies, I can confirm their lives are also completely taken over.

C.G.B. Spender
24-05-2007, 09:08:28
Hehe, suckers, serves them right

24-05-2007, 09:29:20
Technically they are fuckers, if they'd stuck to sucking this would never have happened.

C.G.B. Spender
24-05-2007, 10:11:10
Boris Becker having sex with a Russian woman in a broom cupboard in a Japanese restaurant is an unlikely story to begin with. For the woman, Angela Ermakowa, to claim she now has his love child (apparently backed up by genetic testing) is even more extraordinary.

But if you're wondering what the odds are of getting pregnant from one act of sex, don't bother. Becker is telling the media he didn't have sex with Angela at all. His lawyers allege that Angela targeted Becker, stealing his sperm and inseminating herself to have his baby. The plan, apparently involving the Russian Mafia, was to blackmail Becker over his "love child".

24-05-2007, 12:15:36
Is this the trailer you saw, KG?


24-05-2007, 12:44:54
that's the pimped-out version of what i saw.

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The Official Site is cool.
My daemon is a Snow Leopard named Desra.

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So you are not married?

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Originally posted by C.G.B. Spender
So you are not married?
So, have you stopped beating your dog yet?