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miester gandertak
07-01-2005, 21:26:54
is there something going on with all the torrentsides, can't find any good ones and most ones are down or something like that.

Sir Penguin
07-01-2005, 21:42:28
Turns out running a bittorrent tracker might be illegal after all, so all the trackers have been taken down rather than their owners risking legal repercussions. They're working on a system that should solve the problem.


miester gandertak
07-01-2005, 21:48:02

Sir Penguin
07-01-2005, 22:04:50
I shouldn't say all the trackers. All the big, popular ones.

www.btefnet.com is still up, but it only does TV shows.


07-01-2005, 22:41:38
It would be illegal to run a site that lists where to get copyrighted software. It wouldn't be illegal to run a site that lists public ware software.

The big boys have been going hunting for the most popular BitTorrent tracker sites. That's why they are hard to find.

Sir Penguin
07-01-2005, 23:13:41
They figured they could get around the fact that they were listing how to get illegal copies of stuff because they didn't have control over what was listed. The private trackers didn't have that argument though.


09-01-2005, 19:17:45
torrentspy.com & bi-torrent.com both still work.