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31-12-2004, 16:36:03
My fellow romans (lend me your ears etc).
I've been browsing though some brochures and I have noticed that while there are many DVD-RWs out there, there are also DVD Duals and DVD +/- and DVD super dual layer something etc.

Do you know what their difference might be? How is a standard DVD RW (the player not the disc) different from all these other sort of varieties?

01-01-2005, 03:42:52
Is it DVD-RW or DVD+RW or DVD-Dual?

There are competing version of DVD Writable and DVD ReWritable formats out there. Its like the old VHS/Beta battles of so long ago. Plus (that's what they like to call +) has more storage, but it isn't readable in standard DVD drives. Minus (that's what the Plus camp calls -) will be readable in standard DVD drives but doesn't have the storage capacity of the Plus.

There's another 2 formats out there, but you'll probably only hear about DUAL LAYER (DL). It is generally backwards compatible with Plus. It stores more then Plus (which stores more then Minus).

You are probably out to get a Plus/Minus (+/-) DVD drive. They are pretty popular. Kind of hedging you bet.

As for the blank DVDs, just make sure that the blanks match your drive type. (Plus, Minus, DL, etc)

You could Google for more info, or pray to the ZMama goddess who may bless you with links to tell you more about the various formats.

01-01-2005, 13:03:41
No prayers needed...

but chocolate gratefully accepted

Webopedia article

here is a list of Wikipedia articles on dvd burners and media.


Like Darkstar said if you are buying one you want a +/- RW...covers all your bases. Duals are nice, but when I just bought one I went for the single layer. I'm cheap.

03-01-2005, 18:45:28
Thank you :)


So I should get a +/- (one that supports both) and there is an option of getting single or dual layer.