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25-12-2004, 17:45:16
Just recieved it for review, and before the release for a change!

They sent it with 20 typed pages of historical commentary, as well as 98 page rule book.
They even sent a goofy medal that is similar to a German Iron Cross.

27-12-2004, 07:12:02
Have fun reviewing the game. ;)

28-12-2004, 18:06:33
Played through a little of the tutorial, not much to report yet.

Greg W
29-12-2004, 01:21:17
4 days and you've only played a bit of the tutorial? And you call yourself a professional... :p

31-12-2004, 15:38:56
Its similar to HoI one, with some notable exceptions.

There is now money in the game, and research is done by teams (Historical companies like Boeing and IG Farbin are in the game) that have to be paid daily. Instead of days till completion, it says what percentage of work is done. You can trade blue prints among allies, which makes research faster. Teams work better in their own fields, for example, Boeing is great at bombers, crap with ships. You can reseach up to 5 things at once, IF you can afford it.

Production gets a full screen, with units cleanly displayed, and color coded. Aircraft carriers now have to have CAG (Combat air groups) made just for them, no more land planes on carriers.

The trade system is completely redone, you can now tell if you actually get things via trade.

Diplomacy also has its own screen, easy to read, with a flag for every nation on earth, so all you have to do is point and click to get info.

31-12-2004, 15:48:29
That was my biggest complaint about Hearts of Iron. It was massively unclear.

31-12-2004, 15:59:21
It still has massive clarity problems, for example, the rule book doesn't properly explain how to join units, nor does the tutorial, I had to go ask a Paradox Beta testor how to do it.

Another massive problem is, you can't finish the combat tutorials, the forces you are provided lose, and you can't do anything to change it, as most of the game screens are deactivated in the tutorials.

31-12-2004, 17:16:00
Dammit. I hated how unclear that game was.

04-01-2005, 20:17:42
Chris: How does the US player move planes to Hawaai and Midway prior to 1941? I could never figure out how to do that so it limited me to playing non-naval games. thank! A33

05-01-2005, 13:49:02
In the orginal Hoi?

You need planes that have enough range, or a carrier.

In HoI 2, you have to build and deploy an airbase to miday.

You can rebase planes to any allied airbase on the map, no matter the range.

05-01-2005, 13:49:41
Oh, and my review of HoI 2:


05-01-2005, 22:59:40
Chris: Thank you. If that is your picture, you are very lovely. I have read your review and hope you will be available in case I need advice on HOI2, which I have ordered from Paradox directlly. Larry

06-01-2005, 02:57:52
No, that isn't me, its actually Funko.

06-01-2005, 23:58:05
"Funko?" I can see why you wanted to use her pic!! LOL Thanks for your help. Larry

23-01-2005, 01:41:00
I've been playing HOI2 for most of a week now and I yet to see the Japanese AI do much of anything. Come to think of it the US's AI doesn't seem to do much either as it has never seemed to try invading Europe or North Africa. I know that in HOI1 Paradox tried to compensate for the weak AI by adding in a bunch of scripting wich forced the various countries to behave historically, however, this resulted in every game looking pretty much the same. I've been enjoying playing Italy but I can't seem to do anything nonhistorical (like invade Yugoslavia instead of Ethiopia) without everyone including Germany declaring war on me.

My last observation is that the USSR seems a bit over powered because the Germans never seem to make much head way against them. It would be nice to see the German AI actually rough the Soviets up a bit.

14-02-2005, 02:41:19
I liked the Concept when HOI1 came out but I found that game to be unstable, buggy, suffering from a piss poor AI, and it had a terrible interface. HOI2 is a step up in several departments including research and the control of convoys/planes but not much else has changed. It seems like Paradox even kept the old AI without many changes.

It's a shame as the game ends up turning into a click fest which totally ruins the fun. The system for group and moving armies needs to be completely reworked because right now you can't add one unit to an army group without regrouping EVERY SINGLE UNIT in the entire provience. The other day I was playing Germany and I was getting ready to invade the USSR when another tank was completed which I wanted to attach to one of my panzer armies. The problem is I had a regular infanty army, a motorized infantry army, and a panzer army in the same square and in order to add that one panzer to the panzer army you are forced to group ALL THREE armies together then manualls reseporate them into different army groups then reassign all the leaders. That's just plain stupid.

I could get into how horrible the sprites are but I think everyone who's read a review knows about that.

14-02-2005, 09:32:20
You could add the devision through the army group window, simply choose the formation to add it too.

15-02-2005, 10:33:39
I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

26-02-2005, 19:22:38
I have to say that grouping and ungrouping units is just maddening. I can't for the life of me figure out how to take various fleets in, say, Pearl Harbor and regroup them into useful formations, and the manual isn't terribly clear, either. The Shift-key appears to not do anything. I'm really frustrated. I know it's got to be something stupidly easy once I figure it out, but after an hour of screwing around I must admit that I'm absolutely baffled by how to do it.

28-02-2005, 18:41:08
I'm still having issues with grouping of units. It's easy to splite units but if I have four stacked army groups and I just want to move one unit from one army group to another it is a real pain. V1.1 also has serious balance issues & AI deficencies. More often then not Japan just sits there not really attacking China nor ever joining the Axis, the Germans tend to either implode in 1940 or simply destroy the Soviets in 1943, while the US & UK never seem to attempt a serious invasion of occupied Europe.

I'm also scratching my head about the whole coup function since I have never once got it to work dispite turns the cheats on and trying it dozens of times. The AI doesn't seem to have any problems though since they're couping nations left and right. I'm hoping future mods or patches wil iron out the AI because right now the AI simply seems like the same AI they released three years ago with HOI1 without any new effort put into it.

13-03-2005, 02:56:19
I picked it up and played on normal/weakling last night as Spain.

At those levels at least the AI is pretty nonaggressive.

The Allies did eventually manage to take italy in 42/43 but they never touched Germany.

Germany Tore the hell out of the USSR for a while but petered out, probably because I took all of Vichy France, Most of the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia preventing them from having the huge industry they needed to sustain.

Japan barely moved, I think they had some fights. Who knows.

Overall it is a big improvement on HOI which was just too annoying to play because of the way the game was designed. This one things make sense.

I do like the new attack options, the regions and area distinctions, etc.

I also like the change in how things are built. You can't play as the USSR and just spend the first 2 years building factories in every single one of your zones and then just roll over the world.

I do wish non-allied countries could trade more than just resources though. I would have liked to give some territories away and make trades for techs.

Anyway, will play some more tonight and see how it goes.

23-03-2005, 20:07:42
I played it for a couple of days

took all of china with japan (originally just wanted a peice.. but than ended up at war with everyone)

it is early 41 now, and germany has taken a few sites in europe... and I have taken China, but notm uch has gone on

I would say that Russia is the most powerful nation right now, at least on land (definitely has more tech then me (and while my tech is a bit behind (I haev been focusing on industrial tech) it isn't terrible), has a bigger army than anyone else, ....)

Jon Miller

23-03-2005, 23:29:58
You're playing Japan? Attack the US and witness who the real monster is :p

24-03-2005, 10:57:15

my big problem is with TC

organization returns so slowly... and troops move slower too...

I ave every TC and IC tech researched.. and am currently in the porcess of garrisoning China (which should free up some TC that is lost to partisans)

I also still have the problem with not knowing where to strike next... (I am freindly with pretty much everyone... except russia, and they scare me)

Jon Miller

06-04-2005, 04:44:57
Tried playing a demo of this - I had high hopes because I used to play the board version of WIF a lot.

Trouble was, after 3 hours I still hadn't worked out how to order a unit to do anything. So I gave up.

07-04-2005, 14:31:54
:confused: I thought it's quite intuitive?

07-04-2005, 15:10:38
it's definitely not that

although I did manage to figure it out


07-04-2005, 17:28:40
hoi2 is actually pretty easy to use.

Maybe the downlaodable demo is HOI1 lol.

07-04-2005, 21:53:52
JM is Cruddy? Must be a sober AE of his then...

08-04-2005, 01:55:05
I am not Jon Miller.

Carefully analyse the spellings of posts and you'll spot the difference - about 5,000 miles I estimate.

Wasn't a download demo - came on a cover DVD so I guess they didn't test it properly.

08-04-2005, 07:53:53
That's what a sober JM AE would say! See, I can't be JM! I can spell!

That's what spell checkers are for. We can all spell when we use spell checkers.

08-04-2005, 23:25:35

JM doesn't use Brit spellings. I'm a lot more inconsistent.

08-04-2005, 23:50:07
JM does use Brit spelling. The more you deny it, the more people are going to believe it.

09-04-2005, 06:12:02
<sigh> scroll up and see how he spells organisation.

Of course, sometimes I spell it like that. Brits allow themselves more than one "corrrect" spelling.