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24-12-2004, 04:20:45

I feel like I'm fighting a loosing war over at GC2 forum. The developer is determined to MoO3ify the game, and others are calling for the complete Civilification of the game! Grrr!

I don't suppose there are any GC1 fans here that are not already being fanboys and fangals over at the GC2 forum, is there? Well, if any of you GC players are being lazy gits and not posting over at http://www.GalCiv2.com , then get your virtual asses over there! The future of galactic conquest needs you!

Brad (Lead designer) has decided to add tremendously to the micro-management by having each world effectively be "city tiles". And you'll have to go into each world, and zone each tile "Farm", "Industry", "Housing", "Research", or "Construction". And there will be the traditional tile bonuses and minuses (Gold/Precious metals: +10% to Industry built on that tile, Ancient Ruins: +10% to research built there, poor soil: -10% food built there, etc etc etc). For some reason, Brad cannot grasp how this MoO3 system will add to the micro-management of the game.

And the "Civ3 failed, GC2 is our only hope" crowd is invading, and being loud and squeaky on the forum about what GC2 to should. My main concern with that is that Star Dock is, very unfortunately, listening. They have always had that bad habit of listening to the lone squeaky wheel, rather then the masses. This is how they managed to totally fuck up GC1 in certain areas.

So, Uncle GalCiv needs you to go over there, and outsqueak the disappointed Civ fans, and the "Lets make MoO3 again!". Come on, you apes! What? Do you want to live forever?!?

24-12-2004, 15:31:44
I will pan the game heavily if its as rotten as MoO3.

25-12-2004, 06:02:30
It shouldn't be as rotten as MoO3. Star Dock tends to keep its User Interface at the "moderate prick" level, rather then "drive you insane in 10 minutes of use" that is Moo3. However, they are on the path of adding significantly more micro-management to it. And that's not a good thing for a game that already bogs down (as any TBS does) with unit management. Now, it will be unit and tile management.

Oh well. I hope I can spin the alpha forum enough to crush the worst outside ideas... can't do anything about ideas the developer has come up with and therefore just gaga over. Even though he bitches about them in the games they appeared before his game. Go figure.