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22-12-2004, 03:26:46
The Cooper Temple Clause played some Rebus tracks when they were Dj-ing tonight. We were talking to their manager tonight too, he seems to like our stuff and has offered to help us out.

Which is nice.

22-12-2004, 09:00:53
Cool. Some of them were at school with Joe and Alex right?

22-12-2004, 09:17:52
He didn't talk to any of them apart from the manager. They have all "gone a bit rockstar".

22-12-2004, 09:41:00
Ah right. I think the blonde one (maybe one of the others) was in the school football team with Joe, and once said Joe had the best left foot in the county, something like that anyway. I was drunk when I heard the story. I think Joe knows him better than Alex anyway. Weird they didn't talk to them, they did last time we saw them in the AD...

when are you going to scotland? Still around tomorrow night?

22-12-2004, 10:03:37
Am now listening to See Through This and Leave. :D Alex reckons he spoke to the band too and they were nice, and they were all at school together.

22-12-2004, 12:24:22
Yeah, Alex was blatently speaking to a couple of them for ages (Tom & Fisher maybe?). Anyway, the Rebus song sounded wicked, but more importantly, the CTC manager (who looks about 15) gave us sherbert filled UFOs. Mmmm.

22-12-2004, 12:25:55
He was apparently at school with Rebus and TCTC as well.

29-12-2004, 01:13:10
I work with one of their dads- I beat him in a pub quiz

does that make me rock n roll?

13-01-2005, 11:03:29
from what i heard at the last rebus gig i was at, with the llittle electronic gizmo alex was twiddling, that all reminded me very much of the cooper temple clause tracks thta feature the same kind of thing, so i can see why they might like it.

incidentally do the CTC have a new album out at all soon?

13-01-2005, 11:08:44
Dunno. Alex is on their radio show in the next couple of days. I'll get him to ask them.

I haven't heard any of their albums but I thought they were rather good at Reading Festival. I thought they were massively outclassed by Mew when I saw them at the Uni though.

13-01-2005, 11:12:19
Last I heard they'd been dropped by their record company.

13-01-2005, 11:17:50
That would explain the flurry of DJ dates they've been doing wouldn't it?

13-01-2005, 11:19:59
Their second album was a bit shit, but I thought they were pretty successful as NME type bands go. Shows what I know.

13-01-2005, 11:22:43
Yeah, the second album didn't do as well which I think might be why, they've not done that much recently. "pretty successful as NME type bands go" still means pretty low sales even if they have a high profile. I think their Reading profile is higher than elsewhere as well 'cause they're local.

Record company thing might not be true, can't remember where I read/heard it.

13-01-2005, 11:36:26
well they did play glastonbury about a year and a half ago. things move pretty fast i guess.

according to their website they haven't released a single since november 03, but they are still touring

13-01-2005, 11:45:32
Ok... some research later. Their 'label' Morning Records seems to be their own imprint. So it's possible whoever was distributing it dropped them.

The journal on their site implies they are finishing up an album now.

13-01-2005, 11:47:50
I guess this is the difficult gamble album.

13-01-2005, 11:48:35
I guess since they did that big tour with the cure they will be able to sell it in the states.

13-01-2005, 11:49:26
Reading back, I thought, whilst outclassed by Mew at the uni, they were still really good then.

Speaking of which. I talked to the AD DJs about Mew, apparently their album is finished, sounds rockier than the last one but might not be out 'till June. :(

13-01-2005, 11:58:55
Oh man. I still haven't heard the whole of the last one. What I have heard is genius.

Are you going to the after dark on Friday?

13-01-2005, 12:00:06
Dunno. Rehearsing 'till 11. Will see how I feel then.

13-01-2005, 12:03:32
dan has been geeing me up to go on friday, he gets paid i think

13-01-2005, 12:06:08
I think Rebus are angling to get their single played. But even if I do go after rehearsal it'll probably be before I get there anyway.

Gramercy Riffs
13-01-2005, 13:27:04
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
dan has been geeing me up to go on friday, he gets paid i think

As if you need any geeing up to go to the AD :rolleyes:

I intend to get drunk.