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22-12-2004, 03:21:43

Whedon tapped for 'Wonder Woman' flick
December 20, 2004
LOS ANGELES, Dec 20, 2004 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- The mastermind of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has reportedly been tapped to develop "Wonder Woman" for the big screen, TV Guide Online reports.

Warner Bros. is close to signing Joss Whedon to write and direct the long-planned adventure film.

The deal -- which is reportedly nearly signed -- comes only two months after Whedon announced he was leaving the TV biz to focus on the silver screen.

His next effort, he said, is a film based on the Firefly TV series called "Serenity."

Meanwhile, there's no word who will play "Wonder Woman," the role created by Lynda Carter on TV.

United Press International
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So, the Firefly movie is still going. And then, after that, Wonder Bra. I mean, Wonder Woman.

Sir Penguin
22-12-2004, 08:53:29
Humph. He should do X-Men. I couldn't care less about Wonder Woman.

And Serenity has been in post-production for weeks. They were going to release it next May, but it was delayed to September, supposedly a less crowded release season.


22-12-2004, 14:21:21
Firefly has also been test screened at least once. To much positivity. Though one can never tell with rabid fanboys.

Sir Penguin
22-12-2004, 22:32:47
Joss Whedon says that the Universal suits like it, too.


23-12-2004, 00:31:46
The big red flag is the move. I know they claim April is crowded but....no. It's either not enough time for visual effects or they need to reshoot.