View Full Version : I reinstalled MoO3 last night...

17-12-2004, 22:10:46
I've been participating a lot over at GalCiv2. You know, all that ansious fanboy bit, getting to start alpha testing it in just a month or two, etc etc etc. Lot of people are using MoO3 as a reference (good and bad, mostly bad). Anyways, I had forgotten a lot about MoO3, so I went and installed it last night, to refresh my memory...

Within the first 15 turns, it CTD'ed and a lock up! That was with the "great fix"! Bleah.

Now that I've had a chance to play a few hours, I can see the hint of the game MoO3 was meant to be, and all the crap it is instead. Bleah. Ugh.

Now, I can start blasting all the MoOers with data and experience again. Death to the cows! :ninja:

18-12-2004, 00:13:00
I never played it, even though I have the game.

Heard all the bad stuff and never bothered.

20-12-2004, 16:29:44
Bought it a couple of months ago for 8 or 9 dollars.

Its OK, I play a game once in awhile. I've installed a few mods (there's a visibility mod that's pretty good, but it has the nasty side effect of making one of the antaran orbitals indestructible (by virtue of it being invisible).

After playing for awhile, you can kind of see what the original plan was and how badly it derailed with the redesign. That was like having a plumber do a tooth extraction. It got done, but made a hell of a mess.

21-12-2004, 23:28:00
Part of the problem is scale. I know all us raving mad fan geek zombies wanted bigger realms, but even a SMALL map now has some 400 to 600 worlds to conquer/manage. Bleah. And of course, the larger maps have more worlds.

That's why you really do need the AI doing all the world handling. But since the damn build queueing sucks so bad, and the interfaces are so horrendous, you have to be a seriously extra patient high pain threshold type to even get through a smallest game.

Even if they'd "Duke Nukem Forevered" it, and delivered it "when it was done", it would still have sucked majorly though. Here's why... the scale. There's just a point where you would end up, playing 6 hours a night, 6 nights a week, a year or more to just PLAY out a game (like, huge game map, for instance...). Play for 3 months, just to realize that you are fucked? No fun.

We play games for fun. The "Big Fix" added a few features to help out MoO3. Like the Sit-Rep filters (still not enough of those, though). Lots of bugs left in the game. (Think, CtP1, at release. Now, triple it. Welcome to the fixed MoO3.) But, tiniest map, just a few aliens in the galaxy... that, you can play out in, what, 3 months?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
08-01-2005, 00:08:25
There's nothing wrong with 3 month games that you lose. Some people are masochistic enough to do that :) But a game that big needs huge amounts of (GOOD) AI management of player assets so you DON'T get bored at 1.5 months and counting.

However, to have a large game as default does stink. Even the 3 month hardcore player might want to start up a tiny 4 hour game every now and again while playing said 3 month game, just for fun.

I think the best design is to cater to all types of folks. The difficulty is that game producers aren't up to the task of proerly balancing a game that differs in scale to those extremes, so they pick one or the other, and there's always someone who has to miss out because of it.

08-01-2005, 16:40:30
Even a small cluster game takes 3 or 4 nights to resolve, unless you're going for total conquest, which would take... longer. Never bothered.

Long games is my biggest complaint about Pirates, too. Tropico has spoiled me. I can play a game of that in a couple of hours. I think its still my favorite. Moo2 games can be just as fast on small galaxies, unless you want an Antaran victory (and that's not totally out of reach).

10-01-2005, 08:39:39
MoO2 is alright in one night for many sizes. Depending on your race or custom picks. For instance, you can do a full galaxy rush with the Elerians for instance... Very quick game, unless on the largest galaxy sizes.

SMAC is nice like that. You can play a game in just a few hours, if you aren't picky about micro-managing everything. You won't be able to do that in MoO3. Unfortunately.