View Full Version : Anyone play Project Entropia?

17-12-2004, 15:13:30
This guy's dedication is impressive...


17-12-2004, 16:16:22
Why spend money on improving your real life when you can upgrade a fake life for 1/10 the cost!?

17-12-2004, 22:01:46

There's plenty of people out there that just build up characters or MMORPG item collections, and sell them for real money. Strange world.

MDA, odds are that he's fairly affluent to begin with. And now, he's working on getting richer. Jealous?

20-12-2004, 16:42:03
Not really, just incredulous. It takes all kinds, I suppose. To me its just a waste of time that does no one any good - and he's kind of taking advantage of people that already have messed up priorities (or he's pretty messed up himself).

21-12-2004, 23:35:17
Not really. The studies of who spend that kind of cash on their MMO turns out to be the same sort that spend that kind of cash on whatever their hobby is. Whether its radio controlled planes/boats, juicing their car for street dragging, golfers that buy serious clubs, tricking out their sound system, etc etc etc. That group of hobbyists with lots of money to burn may have messed up priorities, but then again, maybe they don't. If you regularly blow $40K on your hobbies, does it matter if its on bits or lessons with celebrities or fantasy camp or climbing K9?

It's all relative... ask the family that won the 25 million dollar lottery, ended up blowing the first 7 million on various things and mistakes, and decided they couldn't live on just 18 million. That no human could... (quite a statement, considering the 2 adults had barely earned $22500 together since they'd gotten married.)