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06-12-2004, 22:40:33
Let's see... how to sum up this game. Ah.
"Grand Theft Jedi Bikes".

Yeppers. The primary game play is Star Wars bike racing and armed bike battling (with a touch of stealing), GTA style. But just to make the game "unique", it uses a "Omicron: Nomad Soul" style character story line.

If you would like to fly around in various city scapers, flying a Star Wars style hover bike, killing other bikes and/or racing, then this is your game.

The "plot" isn't a big deal.

And now... What a frustrating, frustrating game.

There's 2 things that really piss me off about this game.
#1) Races
#2) Graphics

#1 is purely a planned issue. Each race is made up of a variety of buoys that you have to fly through. Only, you never know what the course is when you race until you run it (it's open "street" racing with only the active buoy available for catching), and many of the courses look like they are a random arrangement of buoys (some layouts, the AI cannot manage to run). Luckily, they eventually cycle back, and once you learn the 40+ buoy points per map, you can eventually work out a racing plan. Very aggravating though... if the buoys were just lit for the whole course, you could then race the course and not have to worry about one missed bouys (often at various altitudes and often to close for a human to manage via the controls available to human hands). However, they aren't. Forces you to slow down (bad bad bad!) or go back (worse worse worse!). Would be such a mega hemmorhoid, only you often have to RACE to get to the next part of the plot or to unlock basic equipment! STUPID STUPID STUPID! Total, complete year old caked horse spunk! UGH! Whoever thought this was brillant should have to eat all of Venom's underwear... TWICE!

#2 Too much damn black! About 50% of the damn world is textured solid black. Makes it impossible to do some of the running or fighting bits in "black out" conditions. (Ceiling black, floor black, walls black, character black.) UGH. Sucks major. Of course, I'm playing on a midline machine... but cranking down the details and whatnot doesn't change the blackouts. What I wouldn't give for a simple flashlight on these damn robots so I could tell if, as a flying character, it's face down in the floor and going nowhere, or face up against the ceiling! Bleah. Maybe a power machine gets textures then? I doubt it, but maybe it's just my machine or installation. Stranger things have happened (racing still sucks!)

Well, the air bike combat is fun. So the game isn't a total waste. But it isn't a prize...

Anyone else tried this game?

06-12-2004, 23:55:57

Sounds like two of the things I hate in games. Impossible races and no lights. The "Turismo" mission from GTA 3 is the only racing I've tried in years. As for blackouts, it sounds odd that speeder bikes wouldn't have headlights, or that somebody fighting frequently in the dark wouldn't have a flashlight attached to his gun. Or any night vision goggles. But game developers probably think that it's "challenging and fun". Maybe it's Doom syndrome.

07-12-2004, 00:08:19
The outside flying is usually okay. Unless you are going through some "interior" places like tunnels/underpasses.

But the inside (character is walking around, "doing something")... UGH! That really sucks.

And why do robots need light? They could just IR or UV or Sonar or Radar. It's just me, the human player that is screwed. And that *could* be just my install for some odd reason. But it's a VERY dark game inside, even when their is textures. Lots of black (bordered with something else or with a very dark grey "racing strip", for instance). The developers knew the in-character action was dark... there's a special box to show you whatever you are looking at (like, other characters, important switches, etc) in a box on a simple blue background. Bleah.

07-12-2004, 08:50:42
You know what... this is a complete piece of shit.

I'm stuck. To get to the next bit of "plot", I have to do a "GTA" rampage, where I kill a vehicle once every 20 seconds. I spent over 90 minutes, killing something once every 15 seconds on average... and yet, no glory. It's not easy in this game to kill for that long... you have to AVOID killing the cops (so you stay on 1 star GTA equiv of the dumbest ass cops around, chasing your ass), and you constantly have to go through certain ammo points (only "special" vehicles drop anything other then money). No joy. So, I go to do the side quest (there is only one, ever, in the game), which will give me a more damaging, more often weapon... its a fucking race where my team is supposed to get the flags and kill the enemy, but my team AI is too stupid. And it's a course that requires you to fly through a fucking building. 2 actually. Guess what! You cannot, but the enemy AI team can. And to make it worse, his team breaks up and fucking camps out at the flags, waiting for them to come up.

That's just fucked.

If someone gives you this game, take it and shove it up their ass sideways. They aren't being nice to you, so you should return the favor.

Fucking idiot developers. Well, I know to never, ever bother with anything from idiot American McGee ever again. Games that REQUIRE you to cheat are not fun. Fuck off, idiot. You don't deserve to ever get near a game.