View Full Version : Country Lyrics That Stay With You For Years

The Mad Monk
02-12-2004, 08:47:00
I was way into country music in the eighties. I wandered into alternative and classic rock sometime in the ninties, but I never stopped liking country music -- at least the stuff that's at least ten years old.

Tonight, I found myself recalling a fragment of a song I really liked back then. Just a few words, and none of the tune oddly enough, but I was driven to find it, which I finally did:

Dancy was a deacon
Every Sunday found him there
At the Lighthouse Gospel Church
With his hands folded in prayer
And standin' right beside him
Was his pretty hometown bride
But no one could have guessed
What he was prayin' deep inside

Dancy has a demon
Livin' Somewhere in his past
That dark-haired Cajun angel
Was the devil dressed in black
Was it really voodoo
Or just weakness in the man
The only time he ever fell
Was when she took his hand

Oh It's been so long, but it's still so strong
Every night the devil comes and walks through Dancy's dream
She takes him by the hand and leads him back to New Orleans
A good man's goin' crazy somewhere in between
The hymns on Sunday mornin' and the sins in Dancy's dream

Sometimes it's almost like
He was never even there
But other times he swears he smells
The flowers in her hair
He never told his secret
No one would understand
She's the only one who's seen
The dark side of the man


It's brought a flood of good, old songs that I treasured back then.

I feel an online buying spree coming on. :)