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Lazarus and the Gimp
26-11-2004, 20:50:31
I was pretty surprised to see Psychic TV featured in "Terroriser".

However, I was even more surprised to see that Genesis has used the miracle of cosmetic surgery to give himself a big pair of breasts. Blimey.

26-11-2004, 21:25:31
Are you tripping on acid? Does this make sense to anyone?

26-11-2004, 21:35:02
No, but I figured it was just 'cause I'm stupid

Lazarus and the Gimp
26-11-2004, 21:43:16
History lesson.

Industrial music started in about 1976 when the performance artist Genesis P Orridge (born Neil Megson) formed Throbbing Gristle. After TG split, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti became "Chris and Cosey" while Genesis and Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson formed Psychic TV. Christopherson left Psychic TV in 1982 to form Coil with John Balance, who died last week (see thread below).

Psychic TV continued, had a couple of hits and released many albums. They split when the Channel 4 series "Dispatches" played one of their performance art videos claiming it was footage of Satanic abuse. Orridge fled the country one step of Social Services who were trying to snatch his kids.

He's back now, and Psychic TV have reformed. And he's got breasts. He hasn't had a sex-change- he's just got breasts.

27-11-2004, 00:47:58
Back in the heady days of the early 70s symphonic minimalist movement, Peter Ericson and Eric Peterson created their seminal groudbreaking album "The Portraits of a Nightingale" which was later to become regarded as the world's first Neu Jibber record.

Neu Jibber later became a genre in its own right, differing from symphonic minimalism in the use of both wet and warm, minimalist and maximalist sounds, plus the generous use of the Vlug 1540 and New Rhombus biorhythms.

Unfortunately, Eric Peterson died from a gravity overdose while falling from a bicycle and Peter Ericson was left to carry the Neu Jibber torch. He unfortunately died just days later from a sudden and unexpected bout of death.

Fortunately the Nightingale album had by then reached America and had made quite a stir in the art colleges and underground clubs of Chicago.

From this one seminal album, many new Neu Jibber acts arrived bringing their own take on the Vlug 1540 sound. They included 'Barry and the Robins', 'Asthma Attack' and the legendary if short lived 'Caalk'. By 1979 the supposedly heavenly movement was tainted by reports of animalism at Neu Jibber concerts. 'Caalk' were even photographed at a concert hooked up to a milking machine.

The new wave of American Neu Jibberers throughout the 1980s developed most of the groundbreaking studio techniques still heard on plangtech albums today. The backwards technique, sandbagging, roadmaps and snicksnick alphableem all came from the early Chicago Nue Jibberers.

Even though tNeu Jibberers tried to distance themselves from animalism for nearly 20 years, the cult Hollywood film 'Feed', (which used both 'Caalk' and 'Ericson & Peterson' on the soundtrack) forever tied Neu Jibber to animalism. Pretty soon Neu Jibber artists began admitting and then celebrating their animalist tastes. Olaf Van Basdart once famously said in an interview for Cheek magazine "I don't see why It's such a big deal, you smoke your cigarettes, I chew my cud, you have your babies, I lay my eggs".

'Caalk' are increadibly now back (after spending almost twenty years on a mountain in Holland), with a new album brilliantly titled 'Snerk Flack Skrieeee'. Snerk Flack Skrieeee, for those that don't know, was the name of the the shop where Eric Peterson bought his first Vlug 1540.

'Caalk' are touring the UK later this year without their former bandmate and oboe player Jack (the Jack) Jackingjack because he has retired and is now living in Turkey as a chicken farmer.

Lazarus and the Gimp
27-11-2004, 08:55:13
Have any of them got tits?

27-11-2004, 13:10:24
Yes, they all have teats.

Lazarus and the Gimp
27-11-2004, 17:18:33
Genesis recalls: I used to do things like stick severed chicken's heads over my penis, and then try to masturbate them, whilst pouring maggots all over it...

In Los Angeles, in 1976, at the Isntitute of Contemporary Arts (LAICA), Cosey and I did a performance where I was naked, I drank a bottle of whiskey and stood on a lot of tacks. And then i gave myself enemas with blood, milk and urine, and then broke wind so a jet of blood milk and urine combined shot across the floor in front of Chris Burden and assorted visual artists. I then licked it off the floor, which was a not-clean concrete floor.
Then I got a 10-inch nail and tried to swallow it, which made me vomit. Then I licked the vomit off the floor and Cosey helped me lick the vomit off the floor. And she was naked and trying to sever her vagina to her navel with a razor blade-- well, she cut it from her vagina to her navel with a razor blade, and she injected blood into her vagina which then trickled out, and we sucked the blood from her vagina into a syringe and injected it into eggs painted black, which we then tried to eat. And we vomited again,
which we then used for enemas.

Then I needed to urinate, so I urinated into a large glass bottle and drank it all while it was still warm. (This was all improvised.) And then we gradually crawled to each other, licking the floor clean.('cause we don't like to leave a mess, y'know; after all, it's not fair to insult an art gallery). Chris Burden, who's known for being outrageous, walked out with his girlfriend, saying, "This is not art, this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, and these people are sick."

In Amsterdam we did a performance in the red-light district. The people in the theater asked, "What kind of lighting do you want?" and we said, "Oh, just put on all the red lights." Then we played tapes of Charles Manson's LP, Lie, cut-up with soundtracks of trains going through thunderstorms, and we went through all all different kinds of fetishes. Sleazy cut his throat and had to kind of do a tourniquet on his throat, and Cosey and i did this thing of spitting at each other and then licking all the spit off, and then licking each other's genitals, and then having sexual intercourse while her hair was set on fire with candles. There was an audience of around 2,000 people.

And each day it got heavier, so that on Easter Sunday I was crucufied on a wooden cross, whipped with 2 bullwhips, covered in human vomit and chicken wings and chicken legs, while I had to hold burning torches - people in the audience could hear the skin burning on my hands. And then i urinated down Cosey's legs while she stuck a lighted candle up her vagina, so there were flames coming out of her vagina. Just ordinary everyday ways of avoiding the commercials on the television....

29-11-2004, 13:57:22
ah, reminds me of my own uni days!

Mr. Bas
29-11-2004, 14:42:21

29-11-2004, 14:54:41
Protein sounds like a bad Douglas Banks passage

30-11-2004, 10:12:29
it made me laugh