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25-11-2004, 06:36:10
Ok gang...

StarDock has begun work on GalCiv2. Now, Star Dock are a serious class act. They have their own product lines that allow them to fund their own development of their new products. So no game goes out the door before Brad and his people are willing to let it. All good things, right? So no worries and all that, right? Wrong.

Here's why the news coming out about GalCiv2 makes me nervous... a MoO3 planetary development system. Yep. Seems they want to make it more interesting dealing with planets. So, each planet has X number of usable areas, and terraforming will open up X number of closed areas. And each area can be "developed". Frankly, anything that sounds remotely like MoO3 makes me nervous. Plus, having to worry about planetary details while trying to take over the galaxy might be just too much micro-management.

What else? Well, StarDock wants to make GalCiv2 to be "very like MoO2, only with better AI". That's a good thing, right? Wrong. Why? Well, if I want to play MoO2, I'll play MoO2. Its one thing to be cloning/redeveloping MoM (under the name Elemental). That's an old classic that noone has really cloned. But MoO2? That wasn't even the best of the series! Clone MoO1, the best of the line if you are going to "clone" a MoO!

Bah. Change for the sake of change isn't a good thing. But I'll hope for the best... what other choice do we have?

27-11-2004, 20:39:53
I like MoO2, but my ideal space opera would use SE4 as a starting point, with some things brought over from MoO2. I like the straight-line travel of MoO2 better than warp points. The new stuff would include a graphics update and a ship ordering system that would let the player schedule tedious things like transport flights. An "orders verifier" would be nice too. Something to check if an order was ever carried out before each ship comes to a stop. Order disruption makes things hard to remember when you're dealing with dozens of ships going to several different places, often crossing paths with each other.

02-12-2004, 00:10:07

Preorder GalCiv2, and you get to start beta testing it in the next couple of months!

Game itself won't be out until sometime in 2006. So, you will get to bitch and whine about all the sucky bits of the game before everyone else, and some of that will actually be corrected by Star Dock! ;)

02-12-2004, 23:46:06
More news...

From Frogboy...
The planet management portion fo GalCiv 2 will be similar to MULE actually.

So... Acsendancy (tile) planet development.

02-12-2004, 23:53:06
check this out... http://www.galciv2.com/forums.asp?MID=162&CMID=162&AID=35315

Current look and comments on GC2 from Frogboy (Owner, Lead Developer). The screen looks great. Looks like hiring that Maxis GUI developer has paid off... ;)

04-12-2004, 05:29:27
Well, I'm signed up for the beta and pre-ordered. Whee! ;)

04-12-2004, 10:15:27
warum nicht Stoß?

04-12-2004, 10:15:44
i hesitate to be the third one in, but whatever...

11-01-2005, 07:23:55
Well... this is an update.

Star Dock is working hard on this. First Beta is still expected to be available in March of 2005.

Brad and his people seem to be listening when people point out little flaws like all the micro-management of constructors and what not. Quite nice to see that in action.

20-01-2005, 20:18:57
* GalCiv2 content going up start of February (2005).
* first Beta becomes available at the end of February (2005)

22-01-2005, 05:23:49
Galciv2 Web Site updated with the current "Official" GC2: Dread lords content.