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18-11-2004, 13:30:04
Bought it, completed it on the hardest difficulty in under 9 hours...

Twas easy, short and predictable - everything the first wasnt! Dont suppose anyone else played it and fancies a rant....?

18-11-2004, 13:35:47
yeah I played it.

Think it took me about 12 hours - I was obviously a little slow that day!

Shame how they stuffed it up. Once you got board with playing with the physics or openning fridge doors just to see the light come on there wasn't much to it.

I guess we are all slightly more post-X-files now and it doesnt capture the zeitgiest in the same way

Kind of thinking of going and replaying the first game.

18-11-2004, 13:39:04
I did play it again just before I played the second, and maybe thats why the second dissappointed me so much. The first was long, had character development that left me genuinely feeling attached to my allies and a loathing for some of the better villains of the piece and there were lots of books/newspapers you could read to see more background info.

The control system in 2 was dire too - quite patently primarily designed for Xbox. It was just so short I barely felt an attachment to any characters. Removal of skills system was naff too.

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-11-2004, 20:20:44
Bought it. Couldn't run it as my (nearly brand new!) graphics card was unsupported. Took it back for a refund.

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-11-2004, 20:21:16
Original Deus Ex kicked arse. I played the opening level hundreds of times.

Sir Penguin
18-11-2004, 20:54:34
I loved the original, too. Fortunately, I read that Deus Ex 2 removed most of the stuff that made Deus Ex good, so I didn't bother with the sequel.


18-11-2004, 21:16:53
yeah i loked the RPG element of the first - the way you could personalise the character. The second was more accessable but was kind of diablo to the originals baldurs gate. Lots of action, very pretty but ultimately rather shallow. My favourite level was always that bit where you have to escape from the MiBs at your brothers apartment. I always left him and went out the window. I've since learned you can actually rescue him. Its amazing I dont think I've spoken to anyone who actually played the same story line as I did. A truely great game.

BTW kitsuki - how come youve been registered here since last year and I think this is the first post of yours I've seen? Thats a pretty good lurking act!

No longer Trippin
19-11-2004, 07:02:05
DE 2 sucked, period. Warren Spector got himself fired for that debacle along with Thief 3 (same engine as well, eugh). Can't say he shouldn't have seen that pink slip coming from a mile away.

19-11-2004, 10:09:58
Whats wrong with thief 3?

I rather liked it.

19-11-2004, 12:11:23
Originally posted by Beta1
BTW kitsuki - how come youve been registered here since last year and I think this is the first post of yours I've seen? Thats a pretty good lurking act! [/B]

Im a friend of EiF - signed up on a whim ages ago, got bored yesterday so took a look, found a good forum and so may well stick around....

19-11-2004, 12:12:02
Originally posted by Beta1
Whats wrong with thief 3?

I rather liked it.

Shite compared to first two games? Thats what I thought anyway...

19-11-2004, 21:39:16
I like Thief 3, at least parts of it. We got stuck and left it for a little while. The haunted asylum was extremely well done, I thought. Thief 1 and 2 shone out more as a total package, though. T3 just has "moments of brilliance". Not sure I liked their choice of letting you roam the city between missions - its a good idea that was poorly implemented - I just end up running around between missions collecting free arrows once I figured out they respawned each time. It isn't that much fun after the first time you do it. You don't really *need* to with the amount of loot you can find, I suppose

DX2 was super short - you didn't have to ally yourself with anyone for a very long time - there were no real consequences for your actions until the very end of the game.

The nanotech enhancements I maxed out on quickly, and there was no skill system. I definitely agree that it was more arcadey/console. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but different/unexpected enough from the original that I didn't care for it.

The graphics were poor until I downloaded some fan mods - I'm sure that was a hit on my fps, but it wasn't too noticeable.

No longer Trippin
19-11-2004, 21:49:24
The FPS was bad anyhow, worse for those in the states as we got version 1. Patch 1.1 sped things up a bit from what I read, but it was still horid even on high end system if maxed - and considering the graphics, that shouldn't have been an issue.

19-11-2004, 21:54:41
Yep. No reason to max out blurry graphics. Just makes the poor quality more noticeable. :)

19-11-2004, 23:29:38
hmm, I found theif 3 was better than 2, although I agree the city bits were not as good as they could be. It was fun at first but the need to keep recrossing the same areas was pointless. Maybe letting you wander around once then reusing the level when your being chased by the assasin would have been better. using almost every change was daft. Theif 2 seemed too unfocussed. The levels were so vast I gave up, couldnt be arsed to spend that long on one level. Theif's 3 levels were closer to those of 1. You could just about complete one in a long evening.

Yeah the cradle level was very very good. i actually stoped in the middle of it because I was getting to jumpy. Almost up to the haunted cathedral in theif 1. I quite liked the level in the sea captains mansion too.

Main problem is after the story line of theif one they couldnt improve. The cutscenes in one were fantastic - the overlayed animation of the woodsy lord's tendrils over the silhouette video was a brilliant idea. The later ones never quite got the cut scenes quite as good.

04-12-2004, 09:48:00
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