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17-11-2004, 16:27:23
Patch Version History
v1.02 Fixes/Changes

* "Labels" indicate tired or exhausted for infantry.

* Fixed a problem that erased the facade textures of large buildings
when "hide roofs" option is on.

* Churchill V shows proper camouflage in Europe.

* Availability dates of Elefant changed.

* Jagdpanzer IV upper hull side armor is 30mm.

* Minor changes to armor on Pz IV/70. Silhouette and ammo load
increased for model A.

* Italian availability of German 75mm ATG starts January 1943.

* Cleaned up some gun icons and new Italian-theater 25pdr textures.

* Staghound III crew changed to 4.

* MMG Carriers are available to Commonwealth troops.

* ATR Carriers are rare after North Africa.

* Canadians may use the Humber III LRC (representing the Otter).

* Stug IIIF (early) shows the proper camouflage in Italy.

* German 28mm heavy antitank rifle is treated as a little larger (than
previously) for transport purposes.

* Light two-level buildings on pavement now face properly as indicated
in game editor.

* Italian 75/27 and 75/32 guns may use a HEAT round starting September

* Corrected a problem that caused some "pure armor" QBs to appear with
no allied troops in North Africa.

* Rarity increased for captured PAK97/38 75mm antitank guns before

* Introduction date of German-use Russian 76mm AT gun is April 1942.

* Valentine ammo load changed: 79 (2pdr), 53 (6pdr)

* Vickers MMG shows correct graphic in the player interface area.

* Updated graphics for 37mm Bofors AT gun.

* Various small updates to Australian TO&E.

* All PzIIIJ models are available as originally in v1.0 (the fix in
v1.01 was incorrect).

* Churchill tanks removed from Canadian service.

* In Italy the Sherman II (early) and Sherman III (early) have a
platoon size of four tanks.

* Germans have use of captured Italian M42 and M43 Semovente vehicles
starting in October 1943.

* Grant and late-model M3 Medium have crew of 6.

* Churchills from Mk.V and on have their appearance dates moved later
in the war.

* PzIIIF is reintroduced (it had been removed in v1.01) but is rare and
only available for a few months starting March 1941.

* South African mechanized troops arrive in Italy in April 1944.
Regular infantry does not participate in Italy.

* SMG used by British and Australians is Thompson before Italy, Sten in
Italy. New Zealanders use Thompson for whole war.

* Twin Bren AAMG added.

* New Zealand may use the Stuart I and II.

* Corrections made to Commonwealth armor crew "portraits".

* Early Commonwealth infantry battalions use the twin Bren AAMG not the
Bofors cannon.

* New Zealander 1945 infantry battalion adds an MG platoon.

* New Zealand does not have access to Staghounds in 1945.

* Pillboxes use their 'snowy' graphics in snow.

* Early Commonwealth battalion TO&E uses a landline mortar FO rather
than one with a radio.

* Wasp is available Nov 1944, correcting a points problem with the
Commonwealth infantry battalion.

* South Africans may use Stuart V.

* US Rangers first available February 1943.

* Corrected a small ammo roundoff problem when rejoining split squads.

* Pillbox firing slits are a little harder to hit.

* Fallschirmjaeger Battalion '41 uses 42mm lePaK41 AT gun.

* German panzerwurfmine introduced May 1943.

* Italian 75mm HEAT ammo penetration slightly reduced.

18-11-2004, 17:32:55
WOOOOO news just in

CMAK v1.02 withdrawn as it fucks up your PBEM games

1.03 should be around shortly.

Thank fuck I'm not a refresh monkey.

18-11-2004, 22:28:49
Congrats on being lazy and it working out for you. ;)

20-11-2004, 15:03:41
OK 1.03 now out (at the usual place). This time apparently PBEM works!

04-12-2004, 09:48:48
This is a public service hump.