View Full Version : Marvel sueing NCSoft over City of Heroes

17-11-2004, 07:05:45
Have you heard about this? Marvel is sueing NCSoft because users can "rip off Marvel characters" in the game, and some users are.

So... they will be suing EA next, cause you can make X-Men and Spidey live in your own Sims game?

This news found at:
But there isn't much more there other then some talk about Marvel looking to get into the MMO.

17-11-2004, 07:33:58
The Marvel MMO deal crashed and burned. This seems to be thier bitter lash out.

17-11-2004, 07:39:16
I don't see what Marvel hopes to get out of the lawsuit, except publicity. It's not like they are going to end up owning a piece of CoH or anything.

Very strange... and it just seems to me that Marvel risks alienating a part of its customer base doing this. Oh well... maybe all the Spidey movie money is burning a hole in their bank account?

17-11-2004, 22:52:22
Actually it's a fair suit, and I'm interested to see how things go.

Certainly the game provides what could concievably be 'trademarks' of some of Marvel's most popular characters. For instance, the claws scrapper has claws that pop out in the exact same array and location as Wolverine's do.

All going well, if CoH wins, it could be a very useful blow against excessive pursuit of copyright.

04-12-2004, 09:47:25
This is a public service slump.