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16-11-2004, 12:14:47
:D An eight megabit service has been launched by internet service provider UK Online. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4016031.stm)

:( The service comes with a hefty 40 monthly price tag.

16-11-2004, 12:19:25
"Upload speeds of up to 400k"


16-11-2004, 12:21:48
Not available in my area 'till april but I can get 1 megabit for 34.99.

That seems fair.

16-11-2004, 12:30:27
Fair is a matter of opinon, but I'd not expect them to ask for less at this point. but how much can one justify paying for something that, at the moment, is just a surf and explore medium (oh and search and buy etc. :))

I think one needs to get into streaming video etc.. before one can really justify it. But it's a nice desire at the moment :)

Unfortunately UK Online Broadband 8000 is not currently available in your area. However, If you enter your details here it will help us measure demand, so that we can decide where to enable next. (http://www.ukonline.net/8000/page2.php)

Probably just as well. With my bank balance down regularly each month I do wonder if I ought to be on broadband at all, but I'm unsure I could tolerate dial up now.

16-11-2004, 12:33:30
I get 1.5MB for $29.95 including a wireless router:D
But only 384K upload

16-11-2004, 12:34:00
I only meant 'fair' on the pricing. 7 extra megabits for 5, can I just pay the fiver? ;)

19-11-2004, 18:10:33
That's nothing my current fuckwits of a company are paying 635 p/m for 2mbit pipe.

19-11-2004, 18:51:58

I'm sure you get excellent support and guarantees though. ;)

Scabrous Birdseed
20-11-2004, 01:02:17
I pay about a tenner a month for 10 MBit. But then it comes with a ghastly 6GB monthly cap.