View Full Version : So anyone playing HL2 yet?

16-11-2004, 09:33:52
official release on steam was 8am GMT and one of my cowies has managed to squeeze in half an hour already before work.

so far so good according to him :D

my other cowie got his boxed copy through the post this morning

i had the pre-downloaded version so i'll be able to give it a whirl tonight

16-11-2004, 10:10:54
I'd like to find out how shit it is on really low spec systems first, or I'll wait until I get a new machine.

16-11-2004, 11:50:10
I downloaded it a few weeks ago, it's quite good. Not really give it a proper go. Just discovered suprnova.org and I've got about 50 new games ;)

16-11-2004, 15:27:40
Goddamn it Higgs... If you like it buy it. :evilstare:

What with GTA: San Andreas, FM 2005 and this... it's a good time for games. Shame about deadlines, social life, etc etc etc

16-11-2004, 16:32:04
I don't know if I can stop playing Halo 2 to play HL2 for a while. :(

16-11-2004, 16:59:12
Too busy with GTA san andreas and FS2k4 and The Sims 2

Sir Penguin
16-11-2004, 21:26:57
I heard the story's crap. I'll probably give it a pass, at least until I upgrade for Oblivion. :D

My roommate finished his last term paper early so he could get to the store and pick up his preorder this morning. I'll check it out on his machine.


16-11-2004, 22:00:10
I'm trying to play the fucking thing, but the fucking thing requires you fucking activate with fucking steam which won't fucking let me create an account or fucking connect because it refuses all my fucking connections.

17-11-2004, 13:57:17
They must have met you before.

17-11-2004, 14:37:57
so kg did you get to play it last night? what did you think!!?

17-11-2004, 15:03:38
I've been able to play it now. It's goodly.

17-11-2004, 16:04:07
nope, didn't play last night

still ploughing through pokemon leaf green on my gba emulator

plus now that i've temporarily moved home with my parents i have no broadband and must beg my parents for their 56k modem :(

i might give it a go tonight

i started playing far cry on realistic the other night too, quite like to plough on with that a bit

17-11-2004, 16:07:48

17-11-2004, 16:56:26
definitely one of the best game series of the last decade

leaf green and fire red are basically gba remakes of the original pokemon blue and red for the gameboy

i love it, you should see my charizard, raaargh!


17-11-2004, 17:51:15
Best game of a shit series is still shit.

How old is the average pokemon fan?

17-11-2004, 21:15:20

17-11-2004, 21:18:45
I think it's cute K_G likes Pokemon!

And the games are good...not shit :D

18-11-2004, 09:43:55
Originally posted by Asher
Best game of a shit series is still shit.

How old is the average pokemon fan?

i judge games on their quality not on whether playing it or not will be seen as socially acceptable

and i did not say it was the best game in the series i said the pokemon series was one of the best game series

if you have some objective comments to make about the gameplay in the pokemon series of games please feel free to post them

if not, then fuck off you closed-minded bigot

18-11-2004, 15:09:02
I wouldn't know where to start when blasting the gameplay of the Pokemon games.

For the same reason, I don't artistically blast Mr. Rogers or Seasme Street. I feel they're designed that way for a target audience, which I am not part of.

18-11-2004, 15:34:31
you sound like someone slagging off toy story or monsters inc. or something on the basis that it is aimed at children

what's the average age of a finding nemo fan? but can it be enjoyed by adults?

open your mind and give me a reason why pokemon is a bad game beyond your blind prejudice

18-11-2004, 15:57:34
Pixar's films target both adults and children, that's why they're successful.

18-11-2004, 16:06:29
given your in-depth knowledge of pixar's marketing demographic i'm sure you can now provide your evidence that pokemon isn't targeted at both children and adults

18-11-2004, 16:29:42
Man, that's easy.


18-11-2004, 16:38:07
that's a film, we're talking about the game

or can you not conceive that the target audience for spin-off products might be different to the target audience for the original product?

so far your arguments have been utterly without any specifc content or point, just a vague feeling that you somehow know that the game is aimed at kids and only played by kids

now sort your shit out and come up with something meaningful because right now you're just a fucking hot air balloon

To start you off i'll give you a fact - The original Pokemon was named by Edge Magazine, probably the most serious multi-format games magazine in the UK, as one of the best 100 games ever. Now you try and respond with something to the contrary.

18-11-2004, 17:03:03
K_G youse being trolled.

So what if it is marketed solely to children ?(I'm not saying that's the case)

If you like the game, you like it...no need to justify it!

18-11-2004, 17:06:13
Especially not to Asher. He likes Matchbox 20 for fuck's sake.

18-11-2004, 17:09:00
Maybe i am being trolled but i guess part of me thinks that i can show asher the light :D

18-11-2004, 17:10:47
That part of you is stupid :D

18-11-2004, 17:28:23
If Asher ever admits he's wrong about anything* I'll eat my hat**.

*assuming it'd not deliberately done to make me eat my hat.
**not really.

18-11-2004, 17:59:14
Originally posted by Funkodrom
Especially not to Asher. He likes Matchbox 20 for fuck's sake.
Since Edge magazine named the original Pokemon one of the "top 100 games", I suppose it's only fair to respond with the fact that Rolling Stone called MB20 the Best New Artist back in '98. ;)

18-11-2004, 19:39:53
stop the fucking arguing and tell me what the fuck you guys think about fucking HL2.


18-11-2004, 19:44:38
It's disappointing to me. Looks great, nifty physics.

I miss the original HL multiplayer, I liked that. Steam is complete fucking garbage. While the physics are nice, the implementation feels half-assed. What good is realistic physics if you throw a TV squarely at someone's head and have them not even notice?

18-11-2004, 19:58:04

19-11-2004, 09:36:22
Finally got it working last night. Steam sucks ass on 56k and the offline is still screwed.

Lovely graphics, great design and realisation of a dystopian post-HL world.

Played through the first couple of levels and enjoyed it thoroughly. Some nice surprises and use of the physics engine.

It's a bit on rails at the moment, but as it's the beginning of the game that's understandable. Hopefully it will start to give a little more freedom in future levels.

19-11-2004, 10:02:39
It was similar at the beginning of the first one. I imagine there's a danger it'll seem quite linear in these post GTA days.

Anyone played it on a low spec machine?

19-11-2004, 10:05:29
I also am disappointed about no halflife multiplayer

and the counterstrike is just old counterstrike with updated graphics

I will not buy this until mods come out, or something....

Jon Miller
(I was looking forward to it also)
(I don't really play SP FPS, I do play COOP and Multiplayer though)

19-11-2004, 10:45:29
Originally posted by JM^3
and the counterstrike is just old counterstrike with updated graphics

that was all i wanted, so i was ecstatic

although the flashbangs and HE grenades also have markedly improved visual and aural effects which improve gameplay

19-11-2004, 13:10:57
Counterstrike is old news, I got bored of it like 4 years ago.

How can you bother playing it still?

19-11-2004, 13:23:07
chess is old news, that's still fun too

you're such a stuck-up little bitch i'm surprised you can enjoy any games

19-11-2004, 14:30:50
Chess is also rather dull.

Real men play Go.

19-11-2004, 14:31:40
That's old news too.

19-11-2004, 15:48:35
Indeed. It's classic. ;)

19-11-2004, 18:00:30
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
you're such a stuck-up little bitch i'm surprised you can enjoy any games

But even stuck up little bitches sometimes enjoy an old fashion game of "Hide the Salami" or "Snake Charmer", KG. So don't go judging all stuck up little bitches by Asher. Some of them are quite fun when not in public. ;)

19-11-2004, 18:01:15
Originally posted by Asher
Indeed. It's classic. ;)

Can't be classic. Sid didn't make it.

No longer Trippin
19-11-2004, 21:51:31
The second half of the game is SO much better than the first.

The Mad Monk
01-12-2004, 07:01:52


01-12-2004, 12:42:13
I have a Pikachu that rides shotgun in my Civic's drink holder.

That probably doesn't help KG's argument, though. :)

My wife and I got hooked for a while on the cartoons after watching a few with my nephew, too.

01-12-2004, 12:47:52
I once watched 6 hours straight of Pokemon when hungover. It was awesome.

01-12-2004, 13:40:53
I play Pokemon pinball on my Gameboy. It's really stupid and I love it!! :love:

04-12-2004, 10:04:59

07-12-2004, 11:26:40
Originally posted by zmama
I play Pokemon pinball on my Gameboy. It's really stupid and I love it!! :love:

i've been playing pokemon ruby/sapphire pinball on my gba emulator this weekend - great game

07-12-2004, 19:45:24
The color scheme is indeed brilliant.

13-12-2004, 00:58:35
maybe I am stupid, but I just bought in on stream

I decided not to do World War 2 online until it is cleaned up

Jon Miller

29-12-2004, 16:08:29
Cool. I wasted half a clip on my first headcrab. My wife laughed at me and said "I *think* its dead." as I sat there twitching.

The antlions are my favorite.

Hint: The fast zombies are fast, but go down easily to rapid swings of the crowbar. I guess they stun easily.

Loading times between zones are pissing me off mightily, though. OTOH, they may be the only reason my heart hasn't stopped.

Oh. 1.8 Ghz, 512 RAM, 128 MB Radeon 9600, plays fine at middle graphic settings. There's sometimes a few seconds of freeze/stutter at the beginning of a new zone.

If I hit a zombie with a can of white paint launched at relativistic speed, the least it could do is fall down for a moment. That's my biggest complaint. I guess its a play balance thing.

29-12-2004, 19:42:33
thats not bad - think it will run on mine then (2.4ghz/1gig/64M ti4200)?

29-12-2004, 20:12:29
The video card is the question, otherwise you're golden.

29-12-2004, 22:10:19
yeah thats what i figured. i looked a few things up and it seems the ti4200 is actually quite good - it shifts more texels than your 9600 (based on some radnom internet site figures - could be total bull), its just the shite amount of ram that lets it down :(

Then again I've had it for a couple of years maybe its time for a new one.

30-12-2004, 21:04:08
Just played some Counterstrike:Source.

First ever FPS online for me. Do any of you have a favorite server?

30-12-2004, 21:06:53

but I play it daily

and am ini your area, so probably our pings are similiar

Jon Miller

30-12-2004, 21:07:39
my screen name is generally jonpartdeux


31-12-2004, 03:21:18

Just wondering about servers, I guess. I filtered hundreds of them with latency < 100, but only a small percentage of those acutally have games going on.

I get shot in the head a lot. Half the time I don't even see it coming. :) The submachine gun has horrible accuracy after the first bullet.

10-01-2005, 14:04:17
Half-Life 2 (back to the original subject) might be the best game ever.

Did I mention the levels are linear, yet sometimes difficult to find your way through, and that the loading zones are ridiculous?

The gameplay makes you forget all that.

I spent Saturday running for my life from giant striders, trying to find enough rockets to kill them.

The gravity gun is super useful. You can flip vehicles around to provide cover, build ramps or stairs to climb over obstacles, and a million other things, many of which don't appear to be there "by design". Lots of opportunities for emergent gameplay.

Somehow got thrown many stories straight up in the air by a strider that popped out of some wreckage. Must have been standing ON it when it stood up. It provided a very cool view of the area, but rough (splat!) landing.

10-01-2005, 15:32:50
I generally play counterstrike

often on servers like korrupt or FSF or ***Devils***

Jon Miller

10-01-2005, 17:55:21
CS:Source is fun, but the damned game came without ANY documentation other than a card with hotkeys.

I don't know the color codes for the chat, I don't know how to set things up so I can hear someone with a microphone, I don't know how to set up mine even if I could find it (its here somewhere).

I don't know the advantages/disadvantages of different weapons. I don't know how to identify an area that I'm supposed to set a bomb in as a terrorist, or how to tell which area to protect on the other side.


On the other hand, I had some mindless good fun running around in a big maze room map with a light switch at the center of the maze.
Fun, tactics-free slugfest. That I can handle, and I don't need a radio.