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15-11-2004, 12:08:01
Well it's going very well so far. Where can we get it published?

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15-11-2004, 18:30:46
run through babbelfish and back and it's perfect!

19-11-2004, 10:10:14
I really hope that jsorenses line was from a spam. :p

19-11-2004, 10:47:20
my favourite was Nils' 'Is your wife a Peeping Tom?' :lol:

Nills Lagerbaak
19-11-2004, 10:52:03
When I got that I almost wet myself! The best bit is somewhere, someones wife is a peeping tom.
Every bit of spam is based on a foundation of truth

19-11-2004, 11:15:05
Translated to Portuguese to French to Greek and back:

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19-11-2004, 11:15:51
Blowout de Ho-Ho-Feriado :lol:

19-11-2004, 11:16:41
"and lozenges dissolvable the litteral persons for derespecter the illness sorbed in in the verbal crack"