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10-11-2004, 09:58:56
Damn works machine doesn't work too well if you keep it on for days on end. Had to reboot it this morning as it was running like treacle.

Had saved a file I needed last night. After the reboot I opened up the app, which in turn opened up 2 recovered files (?!?) neither of which was the one I wanted.

I checked the previous file list to see where it had been saved yesterday (it had been opened initially from an e-mail so I hadn't checked where it stored it, to open it). File was NOT on the list !

Now that's rant material in itself, but keeping calm, I ran the XP file search to find files saved over last 2 days. IT DIDN'T FIND IT !!!!!

Rather pissed off, I opened up a DOS window and did a dir /s search for all files with the expected file extension.

It found it in C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK9CE. The damn XP search hadn't even bothered to look there !

WTF ?!? What sort of crap is that ?!? MS can't even write a search function to search their own directory tree properly ?!?

Anyone any recommendations for a free search facility that I can download, that actually does the job ?

10-11-2004, 12:37:52
The Dos window did the job, you're all set. :p

10-11-2004, 13:17:49
XP search won't look into system and hidden files unless you tell it too, if you go on advanced and search all hidden and system folders. It would have found it, although thats a bloody strange file name.

10-11-2004, 13:23:57
Thanks, but that was already set. I noticed it was an option and clicked on it to check it's setting. To my annoyance it changed to "don't look" immediately and started a new search !!!!!

I do wonder about these MS designers.

10-11-2004, 14:21:53
I don't they are all lunatics.

We are just using a BSA build of 2K workstation, on which you can't even format a floppy it's locked down that much. Not even as a heavenly administrator.

All LUNATICS i tell you.

10-11-2004, 14:56:49
One other thing.

Why does one have to endure 5 minutes of AUTOSAVE in Visio every too often, if, when the PC screws and needs rebooting, a) nothing is recovered, and b) nothing can be found of a whole morning's work ?

If I grit my teeth much more there won't be any teeth left.

10-11-2004, 17:22:30
MS has insulted users for years. Only around the time that Me or XP came out did it occur to them to get rid of the "you did something wrong" message on the Scandisk screen that appears when booting after abnormal shutdown.

Sir Penguin
10-11-2004, 21:11:23
That's a hidden subdirectory of the cache. I don't know if it's possible to see it with Windows Explorer, which is really dumb. On the other hand, if it searched there by default, you'd have to wait forever while it searched through all your cache. I guess Microsoft figured nobody would save anything in their cache.


10-11-2004, 23:20:35
Speaking as the user of the PC, I don't think they have a moral right to go around hiding things from me :(

Downloaded a search app from download.com earlier today. 30 day trial apparently. It found the file I refered to, but failed to find the auto-save that was supposed to be on the disk somewhere. A morning's work lost, and an afternoon wasted trying and failing to get it back.

Scratch one day then.

11-11-2004, 00:01:10
What tool are you trying out?

11-11-2004, 08:44:47
What ? The search tool I just downloaded ? Just one at the top of the list when I searched download.com. It's called "Effective File Search".

The thing is that it found the file from Tuesday that the XP file search failed to find, but didn't find anything that resembled a Visio auto-backup file from this morning. Having now used it, it's unlikely I will do so again in the next 30 days so it'll probably stay on the PC dormant from here on in.

11-11-2004, 10:05:44

The OLK9CE directory seems not to exist at the moment, it has disappeared overnight, along with the files. I don't seem to recall telling it that it could.

OK so against my expectations I use the downloaded search programme again. There seems to be a problem with it !

Does the search ok. I can sort on size by clicking at the top of the column. But changing the column width seems to cause it to run search.com (or was it search, exe ? can't recall now) according to the task manager, which takes up 97 to 98% of the processor resource for no apparent reason.

I end up having to close it from the task manager. Sick of computers, and not exactly keen on life either at the moment :(

PS That's interesting. "File Scavenger V2" actually thinks the OLK9CE directory exists, but nothing else seems to. I wonder if it thinks it exists as a deleted directory ? It doesn't specify.

Maybe I should reboot but I suspect that is likely to risk overwriting stuff, rather than find it. Damn computers. I'll try a more comprehensive delete search.

PPS Aren't some things especially annoying.... tried the demo of File Scavenger. Seemed to find deleted versions of the file I wanted returning. In the directory that only it seemed to know existed. Paid money : MY MONEY : to register a copy to recover them just because I hate to be beaten by damn technology. One of them at least must be the lost file. Turns out they are both the unedited version I already have a copy of ! I have to give up now and start again from scratch. I'm 2 days down and out of pocket too. And no doubt Big Brother aka the company I work for, will want my time to look as if it is productive on the timesheet for the bean counters to remain happy.

12-11-2004, 08:43:58
Maybe that directory got eaten as a bad/corrupt directory?

I'm back to using Visio myself. It seems to fuck itself pretty well after a few hours of use. Fun fun.

I was curious about the Search Tool you used because I've used a lot. Right now, I prefer a program called Scopeware Vision. Unfortunately, Scopeware has gone out of business. Enfish offers a product that does the same thing, only not as pretty. But normally, you don't set those sorts of searchers to index your entire HD... just data holding sections (My Docs, etc).

Humm... sounds like you need to save your work, day by day. That sucks. There are many ways to protect your docs against total loss/corruption, but none of them are automatic for a user.

You ran a low level scan on that HD to make sure it isn't going bad? That does happen from time to time.

12-11-2004, 08:54:56
Had the doc been on the server, It was a) unlikely to go missing, and b) would have been backed up, but I opened the doc as an attachment iin the email and worked on it from there, so it went wherever it went. In this temp directory apparently.

My suspicion is that the IS guy who looked at my PC in the afternoon, (I was getting an unexpected & incorrect warning message randomly come up, sayng I was disconnected from the server and had to log out !) and who loaded some patches/drivers, might be the cause of the directory deletion. Can't think what else would cause it.

Even less happy now. The file recovery app I bought can't easily be moved to the PC at home. They generate different damn codes on each installation and I'd have to get in touch about moving it ! Sod that, I may just go look for an illicit one. I figure after all the hassle I'm morally entitled to have a copy (which may never be used anyway, touch wood) on my machine without all that annoyance.

Hmmm if your search facility works, you're not in the market for a new one anyway, are you ?

12-11-2004, 09:04:54
Oh! Yeah, never, ever, ever open and work with a doc from email. It's not because of security, but because there's no telling where windows will put the file! Temp directories and temp files... and sometimes it won't even save your final changes (depending on your luck and/or dumbness of the day)!

Those temp directories... Windows will toast them whenever it wants, according to some arcane algorithm known only to the forces of Entropy. In the future, just save the attachment or embedded object to your desktop, and then work with it. Reply to the email, insert your changed doc, and send it out if you need to. it's a hassle, but then you always know where the doc is that you worked on. Otherwise, well... its so easy for it to get lost or not be saved back. *shudder*

Not in the market, nope. But strangely, I will often try new ones. Always looking for that app that does EXACTLY what I want. Vision is well rounded, and looks nice. Enfish doesn't have the slick UI (User Interface), but does let you track what you have, and what's in it.

If you got to go digging through lots of email, or docs, or both, then Enfish might be a worthwhile thing to look at. It does better at finding for you all references in your digital records for the word "Funkodrome" then it does at finding wherever Windows might have tucked a file named "Funkodrome.doc", but that's cause it by default only tracks your expected "data" storage locations. You could change it, if you need it.

Of course, Google might now have a desktop search feature that will do the same thing. I've heard they were making one, but I haven't checked on it in a while.

Anyways... good luck at not strangling everything that remotely resembles a Microsoft programmer or IT guy.