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18-03-2002, 17:06:30
If you have nothing better to do on Thursday evening, can I suggest that you get yourself over to Farnham Maltings (http://www.farnhammaltings.co.uk/) to sample Aynsley Lister (http://www.aynsleylister.co.uk/), promoted by Boogaloo Promptions (http://www.boogaloopromotions.com/index.htm). He is a superb blues/rock guitarist who will give you something to aspire to!

18-03-2002, 17:09:05
Thanks but I don't think I'd be able to get there and back...

18-03-2002, 17:16:07
The gig will start at 21:00 and MUST finish at 23:00 on the dot, or the club will lose its right to hold events there. Reading is only 35 or 40 mins away, isn't it - or is it that you don't have a car?

(D'oh, perhaps you need to add on another 10 mins to get to Farnham, as opposed to Fleet, making it 45 or 50 mins.)

18-03-2002, 17:18:31
Or I could collect/deliver you from/to North Camp station, which is on the Reading line. I'll check times.

18-03-2002, 17:24:55
Reading -> North Camp: Dep 19:34 Arr 19:57
North Camp -> Reading: Dep 23:31 Arr 00:04

18-03-2002, 19:02:49
Interesting... I'll have a think about it. You're right that I don't have a car which was the problem. Be something different to do. Do you know how much it'll cost?

18-03-2002, 23:58:00
The Hamsters tonight (only three Jimi tracks :cry: :cry: ) was 8, and the promo says no more than a tenner. I'll investigate.

19-03-2002, 09:20:22
OK. Cool. I think I'm going to see a band tonight and to Pop Toys on Friday night so I might be a little short on cash this week.

The drummer played with Bolt Thrower? It's all very interesting... don't suppose there's anywhere to download any of his songs is there?