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02-11-2004, 13:14:26

The full tracklisting of the long-awaited NIRVANA box set 'WITH THE LIGHTS OUT' has been published.

Released on November 22, the four-disc set will feature 81 tracks, including 68 previously unreleased recordings - rehearsals, outtakes, Kurt's home demos, as well as a DVD which is confirmed to have unreleased band home movies, live footage, rehearsal footage and 20 full-length video performances.

A 60-page booklet will accompany the release, with sleevenotes penned by Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore.

The songs in the box set are:

‘Heartbreaker’(live, 1987)
‘Anorexorcist' (radio performance, 1987)
‘White, Lace And Strange’(radio performance, 1987)
‘Help Me I'm Hungry’ (radio performance, 1987)
‘Mrs Butterworth’ (rehearsal, 1988)
‘If You Must’ (demo)
‘Pen Cap Chew’ (demo, 1988)
‘Downer’ (live, 1988)
‘Floyd The Barber’ (live, 1988)
‘Raunchola’ (live, 1988)
‘Moby Dick’ (live, 1988)
‘Beans’ (demo)
‘Don't Want It All’ (demo)
‘Clean Up Before She Comes’ (demo)
‘Polly' (solo demo)
‘About A Girl’ (demo)
‘Blandest’ (demo)
‘Dive’ (demo, 1988)
‘They Hung Him On A Cross’ (demo, 1989)
‘Grey Goose’ (demo, 1989)
‘Ain't It A Shame’ (demo, 1989)
‘Token Eastern Song’ (demo, 1989)
‘Even In His Youth’ (demo, 1989)
‘Polly’ (demo, 1989)

CD 2:

’Opinion’ (solo acoustic, 1989)
’Lithium’ (solo acoustic, 1990)
’Been A Son’ (solo acoustic, 1990)
’Sliver’ (home demo)
’Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ (home demo)
’Pay To Play’(demo, 1990)
’Here She Comes Now’ (demo, 1990)
’Drain You’ (demo, 1990)
’Aneurysm’ (demo, 1990)
’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (demo, 1991)
’Breed’ (alternative mix)
’Verse Chorus Verse’ (outtake)
’Old Age’ (outtake, 1991)
’Endless, Nameless’ (radio session)
’Dumb’ (radio session)
’D-7’ (radio session)
’Oh The Guilt’ (B-side)
’Curmudgeon’ (B-side)
'Return Of The Rat’ (B-side)
‘Smells Like Teen Spirit (Butch Vig Mix, 1991)’

CD 3:

‘Rape Me (solo)’
‘Rape Me’ (demo)
‘Scentless Apprentice’ (demo, 1992)
‘Heart Shaped Box’ (demo, 1993)
‘I Hate Myself And I Want To Die’ (compilation track)
‘Milk It’ (demo)
‘Moist Vagina’ (demo)
‘Gallons Of Running Alcohol Flows Through The Strip’ (B-side)
‘The Other Improv’ (demo, 1993)
‘Serve The Servants’ (solo acoustic)
‘Very Ape’ (solo acoustic)
‘Pennyroyal Tea’ (solo acoustic, 1993)
‘Marigold’ (B-side)
‘Sappy, aka Verse Chorus Verse’ (previously unreleased)
‘Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam’ (demo, 1994)
‘Do Re Mi’ (solo acoustic, 1994)
‘You Know You're Right’ (solo acoustic, 1994)
‘All Apologies’ (solo acoustic)


‘Love Buzz’
‘About A Girl’
‘Big Long Now’
‘Immigrant Song’
‘Spank Thru’
‘Hairspray Queen’
‘Mr Moustache’
‘Big Cheese’
‘In Bloom’
‘Love Buzz’
‘Pennyroyal Tea’
‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
‘Territorial Pissings’
‘Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam’
‘Talk To Me’
‘Seasons In The Sun’

Anyone interested? I imagine i'll be buying it.

*End Is Forever*
02-11-2004, 14:44:48
Did someone say "way overrated"?

Nills Lagerbaak
02-11-2004, 14:47:07
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
Did someone say "way overrated"?

Must have been me!:shoot:

Mr. Bas
02-11-2004, 16:05:15
I'll buy it. I have some of those rare songs already, but some of them only in really shit quality. And several sound completely new to me.

November 22, eh?

Lazarus and the Gimp
02-11-2004, 17:14:30
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
Did someone say "way overrated"?

You weren't there. You wouldn't understand.

02-11-2004, 18:49:54
I now know what Funko wants for Christmas....if he can wait that long

04-11-2004, 09:49:06
I expect I'll be getting it, maybe for Christmas.

23-11-2004, 15:34:23
First impressions anyone?

I've not seen or got the DVD yet, but I downloaded the music parts and they aren't very exciting. This'll sound stupid, but it all just sounds like badly recorded Nirvana really. Most of the unreleased songs were obviously developed into better (released) songs, so it's not like you get to hear much that's totally new. Some of the really stripped down original home demos of just Kurt playing and singing are quite good, but on the whole I've found it to be slightly dissapointing. I'll still buy it when it's in the sales after Christmas though, 'cos I'm sure the DVD will have some good stuff on it...

23-11-2004, 15:36:23
Oh, and internet rumour suggests Courtney Love is planning another box set of just Kurts home recordings...

Is that the sound of a barrel being scrapped that I can hear?

Nills Lagerbaak
23-11-2004, 15:39:06
Ho ho, I love that double entendre!:shoot:

Mr. Bas
26-11-2004, 15:21:04
I got it yesterday, I haven't been able to listen to all of it yet. It's pretty good so far IMO, lots of rare stuff in better quality than I heard before, several completely new tracks, a bit too many pointless early versions of well known songs though (Downer live, Drain You, 2 versions of Teen Spirit, Dumb, etc.). Especially when you consider that a couple of rarities were left off, along with the entire first demo. Some of those early versions are really interesting though.

I might write a full review later on.