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02-11-2004, 09:36:10
Well i read it, strange book to be honest.

It took me a night to read the first half of the book, and thoroughly enjoyed it, the entire description of the orbital, it's inhabitants and ultimate destruction kept me reading and then.......................it seemed to lose it's way in the command systems chapters, it got really hard to read when they eventually put down on the dead planet, i thought he dragged the story on a little too much with the whole train and idiran influence's.

Also at the beginning he went to great lengths to explain the link horza had with the idiran's and why his loyalties lay where they did, but horza with his vast experience of the idiran's was incapable of telling a dead idiran from a nearly dead one. He could have got the train crash implemented in some other far more convincing manner.

Balveda character could have been expanded on more, i think he missed an oppourtunity to have a character which he could have used in other novels there.

Overall i enjoyed readin the first 2/3`s of the book, but after that it became a chore, i hope "use of weapons" is better.

So far excession is my favourite.

02-11-2004, 10:05:30
I think Balveda (the woman right?) is basically the same female character he uses in most of the other books (stylistically that is - she doesnt actually appear again). They do seem pretty much the same sort of woman.

I kind of liked the last 1/3 - the way it all falls apart for Horza - you can see it coming but there is nothing to do but hope that he does and saves the day. Like the heist/crime films when things start to go wrong - the cringing keeps me on the edge of my seat. That Horza doesnt see it and fails gave it a bit more "tragic" edge.

Plus I think he is a bit out of it when it comes to not noticing the not-quite-dead-Idiran. Like Al Pacino at the end of Carlito's Way - too many angles to cover that the one he forgot about bites him on the arse.

Keep reading - the rest are as enjoyable as you found the first 2/3rds

02-11-2004, 18:09:47
Carlito's Way is awesome.