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Sir Penguin
31-10-2004, 01:50:13

This is the only place where I could see the screenshots without broken images or having to register:


That could just be because of my terrible internet connection though. Not the having to register thing.

It looks beautiful. Cyrodiil is a much more pleasent place than Vvardenfell. Look at the trees! And the armour!


Sir Penguin
31-10-2004, 01:52:53
Incidentally, as the second link points out, this is one of those upgrade-games. You're probably going to need a new computer. Hopefully by the time it comes out, I'll have a cushy, overpaid government job or something.


No longer Trippin
31-10-2004, 19:19:26
Kinda worried, they said it was going to be geared more for the console, that generally means shitty computer play, or the need for even stronger hardware (or shittier hardware matching the console).

Looks like a 2005/2006 release at earliest so that by then Direct X should have dropped hardware TnL with the name change to windows whatever 1.0 and 1.1 and such for pure shaders. R520 core and who knows on the CPU end with single cores coming to an end, I hope they are doing SMP programming on it, as dual cores don't do shit without it and AMD only things 3 GHz at most is what they will reach (P4 4.5 Ghz or so). This is going to be one expensive upgrade. 6800's and X800's are gonna be running like G4's do today. Enough to run it, but that is it. Second game so far that is going to require a solid investment, UE 3 and whatever game is based off it was the first (and it needs a gig of vid ram for best perfomance and has no legacy support, like hardware TnL).

Sir Penguin
31-10-2004, 19:57:56
They said it may be geared more for console. That's all speculation. All that Bethesda is saying (that I've read) is that they decided not to make it only for PC.


Greg W
31-10-2004, 21:01:57
I'll give you, it's about the prettiest game that I have ever seen.

01-11-2004, 12:07:23
It makes the prettiest screenshots I've ever seen. It just chugs at times.

02-11-2004, 00:04:41
Well this is a positive thing.

Now I can put off upgrading for as long as is humany possible... every last megahurtz and ramm I can squeeze out of my upgrade cash will be desperately needed.

+++ SP for the screenshots, too. That art is as good as many box covers and cutscenes I've seen in games... *drool*

Now they just need to fix the freaking combat system...

Sir Penguin
02-11-2004, 01:11:36
The preview says that the combat is going to be geared towards stupid people/console gamers. It's not going to be RNG-based. If a hit hits, then you don't miss, and you have to block manually. :(


02-11-2004, 09:34:14
maybe i'm too cynical, but i just don't believe screenshots like that will resemble the actual gaming environment

early shots like this tend to be so massively rendered they bear no resemblance to what even high-end systems will actually display

still i guess if the game is a couple of years away or something...

Sir Penguin
02-11-2004, 20:00:01
Yep, if I remember correctly, they expect it to require around 1 GB of RAM on the video card.


02-11-2004, 20:26:13
Damn. Thats going to be expensive.

Those pictures do put Morrowind to shame. I'll have to run it with my viewing distance/fog to 10 meters.

03-11-2004, 00:01:12
KG: Even taking that into account, the game is a vast improvement on the previous one and would be competitive with anything else available...

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
09-11-2004, 03:55:26
:lol: :lol: :lol: Overpaid cushy government job, indeed. Government jobs are usually cushy underpaid ones. Private sector jobs tend to be uncushy but better paid.

The only place in the world that's both cushy and overpaid would be at Google, so I hear, where you only have to actually work 4 days out of 5.

09-11-2004, 11:15:26
The court system in California only work 4 days. Good to be a judge or clerk there.

09-11-2004, 13:15:23
My cushy government job pays pretty good, but I had to go through six years of slavery/grad school to get it.

I was reading some books in Morrowind over the weekend and found hints about the Oblivion storyline. They seem obvious now that I know the storyline, but I had never noticed before.

No longer Trippin
09-11-2004, 18:39:35
The game is at least a year away. Look at UE 3. It is similar and due to be released once WGF 1.1 is released (no more having to do legacy code as Shader Langauge hasn't matured enough to take over completely).

Looks like a 3D'05 screen, only a bit more polished - and those are heavy in shader usage. So it isn't anytime soon, so you have a long time to start a piggy bank if you want it.

Sir Penguin
20-02-2005, 22:38:33
3 new screenshots:


edit: Holy crap, I just lightened up the cave troll image. Nice sword!


23-02-2005, 13:27:24
Nordic sword, maybe? Very cool.

I want cool axes, though. I always want characters with l33t axe skillz, but axes always seem to get shorted in games. All the coolest powers and effects end up on swords.

The Daedric axe in Morrowind wasn't as nice as some of the other Daedric weapons, but you could still custom enchant it into something cool.

Sir Penguin
23-02-2005, 22:12:03
Apparently they're removing crossbows and thrown weapons, and focusing on making the bows awesome. I liked thrown weapons, but bows are good too. There will probably be thrown weapon mods anyway.


23-02-2005, 22:46:13
So long as there's no 'steel longbow' itemz this time around...:rolleyes:

25-02-2005, 13:25:55
Ummm, its spring steel. Yeah. I can't rationalize iron at all, though.

Sir Penguin
25-02-2005, 23:44:17
What's wrong with steel?


28-02-2005, 13:04:15
Its really, really hard to draw a steel bow?

I'm not into metallurgy, but I always thought that steel bows sounded strange too.

28-02-2005, 19:06:22
Originally posted by Darkstar
The court system in California only work 4 days. Good to be a judge or clerk there.

It's not bad to work for a city or county government out here either since the Unions have those groups by the short and curlies. ;)

Sir Penguin
01-03-2005, 01:25:46
I didn't think about that problem with the steel. You guys are such nerds. ;)


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
03-03-2005, 00:41:20
Originally posted by Oerdin
It's not bad to work for a city or county government out here either since the Unions have those groups by the short and curlies. ;)

Not true! Our contract, due three years ago, is still being wrangled, and we're (the workers are) getting the short end of the stick. Booooo County Board of Supervisors!

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
03-03-2005, 00:42:32
Originally posted by Oerdin
It's not bad to work for a city or county government out here either since the Unions have those groups by the short and curlies. ;)

Not true! Our contract, due three years ago, is still being wrangled, and we're (the workers are) getting the short end of the stick. Booooo County Board of Supervisors!

Steel bows aren't that weird. You might just have to engineer a bunch of high-tension springs or something into it. Not being aquainted with the fine art of bowmaking, archery or whatnot I don't really know either. It'd be cool if it was stainless steel though.

Sir Penguin
03-03-2005, 01:24:53
It would have a durability of 10,000.


03-03-2005, 16:23:01
But cliff racer juices dissolve it instantly.

Sir Penguin
06-03-2005, 23:38:53
More screenshots (27 total, with a few repeats):


The new magical weapons (I assume the glowing weapons are magical) look much better than Morrowind magic weapons. There are also a couple shots with dual-wielding a magic sword and a torch, and the bow system (complete with that thing you hold arrows in). The graphics aren't as showy as previous screenshots, but the greenery is still gorgeous. The monsters are more detailed than I've seen, but still not quite there yet. Check out that Daedroth. :)

edit: I suppose the glow on the sword could be from the torch. It seems kind of excessive for such a small flame, but the archer is also lit up quite a lot.


Sir Penguin
20-05-2005, 00:47:11
I just read the press release from a few days ago, announcing that Oblivion will be released for the Xbox 360. Down on a lonely line at the bottom of the article, it mentions offhandedly that it will also be released for the PC. Thank God.

Anyway, here's a link to a link to the Oblivion E3 trailer:



Sir Penguin
20-05-2005, 00:51:19
Narrated by Patrick Stewart, naturally. :D

It looks awesome. It's hard to tell if the trailer's made up of shots from the game, or is otherwise-animated. The description is pretty generic, but so are the descriptions in nearly every trailer released these days.


20-05-2005, 08:58:37
my cowie showed me this yesterday. definitely appeared to be a lot of 'otherwise-animation' but i supose it might have been using the game engine who knows. It was the bits toward the end that were obviosuly gameplay footage that were more interesting, but they cut these together very quickly so it was difficult to tell what was going on or how good they looked.

but to summise, i'm not sure i'm convinced that the game environment quite matches the screenies posted at the top of this thread...

20-05-2005, 12:50:20
Not too surprising, but we can hope.

Greg W
17-10-2005, 13:07:27
Interestingly, an online game store that I use now has this listed as an early December release (Dec 2nd to be precise).

17-10-2005, 13:22:42
i think that's fairly accurate, possibly even behind.

i heard nov 21st for pc and early dec for the xbox version

17-10-2005, 13:26:49
"Although there are a few minor framerate issues (which almost certainly will be fixed by the time the game's released), the game's visuals look fantastic, particularly the hi-res textures and the character models."

from the Gamespy Xbox360 preview http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox-360/the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/656745p2.html

framerate issues, again

the reviewer sounds like a suckup, saying they'll be fixed

*crosses fingers*

25-10-2005, 15:56:44
it's never a surprise, but the forums for this game are full of a particular type of unbelievable anal idiots

there was a great post satirising them which asked for a game mechanic to accurately simulate the breathing motion, requring alternate keypresses etc.

this is a great example of the kind of crap people are asking for (and to cap it all the guy seems to think it has a shot of being put in the game a month before release)

And i'v been thinking.... When u get cold u get stiff in your body. You lose feelings in body parts. And it can hurt like hell. (i know this.. really.. im norwegian)

I would think it would be wierd if your char could go around naked in a snowstorm and dont notice anything. Therefore i think it would be cool and realistic if your stats would decrease in time and you would lose health. And all clothes and armor could have stats on how much they warm. If u get under a certan number your char startrs to freeze. And gets loots of negative effects. Certan wheater types may freeze more than others. Forexample a snowstorm will freeze more than a sunny day.

This could also go for very Warm places.
If u are in a desert without protection, you will quicly get burned


even better we have the anal goth weirdos:

This is slightly incorrect, from what I have read and have heard in interviews with Bethesda’s reps. Vampires will only sustain damage from the sun if they neglect to feed. Yes, I know that this decision that Beth has made is not true to what is known about Vampires, a subject of which I know lots about, (I am writing a book about Vampires). However, I can see why this choice has been made, in doing it this way vampires will be able to take part it the main quest and NPCs will not easily see them for what they are, which means that vampires will be treated the same as any other race until you are discovered as being a vampire.

i'm sure that will be a great book

roll on obilvion though, and while we're waiting how about taking a look at the speed record for completing morrowind - 7 minutes 30 seconds :lol: :beer:


25-10-2005, 17:25:01
insane time :)

Maybe he should scrap the book and make a website about vampires that flip out and kill people.

Sir Penguin
09-11-2005, 02:44:11
Videos of somebody playing the game:


Impressive. Most impressive. There are six videos, on two pages.


10-11-2005, 13:02:06
so this is pushed back until at least January '06?

Sir Penguin
10-11-2005, 15:47:05
I heard some time between February and April. :(


10-11-2005, 16:40:17
I may have to reinstall Morrowind. Again.

Wish I could get my copies of Arena and Daggerfall to work

Greg W
11-11-2005, 02:58:28
Tried Dosbox? It's great for getting old games to run.

11-11-2005, 13:25:56
the installer runs in DOS and I don't think Dosbox worked

might be worth trying again... :)

17-02-2006, 01:24:02
My patience is growing thin.

17-02-2006, 08:46:06
Have you tried running it in compatibility mode? The installer?

17-02-2006, 12:02:07
I think I tried just about every combination in compatibility mode, even ones that made no sense at all. It was awhile ago though...

17-02-2006, 12:38:07
Then the only thing I can think of that has worked for me in the past is to copy the entire thing to the HD and try that. If that fails, then DosBox the whole thing, make sure you HD and CD is mounted, and then try again.

Sir Penguin
21-02-2006, 03:18:58
I know somebody who got Daggerfall working in Dosbox. I don't know how though.


21-02-2006, 07:51:49
With Dosbox, it's usually just a matter of mounting your CD drive and your harddrive. I've had a lot of luck with DosBox and running old games. (Learn the mount command!)

It's the Win95 games that tend to make you jump through hoops.

21-02-2006, 11:44:55
I think I was once told the installer was the source of the problem, and that the game *should* run if you can get it installed - tried copying disc to hard drive and installing from there with no luck. I feel strangely compelled to try the "mount" command

22-02-2006, 02:40:44

The Complete Guide
get TES1+2 working on your WinXP

I've received plenty of PMs inquiring on how I run Daggerfall using Windows XP. Rather than repasting this over and over again, I'll simply post it here for others to refer to.

WARNING: I only use Dosbox for Daggerfall and the settings make it so it will only run Daggerfall (with or without the cd). So if you plan on playing Arena, I wouldn't copy my entire dosbox.config file, rather, pick out the parts you need.

Dosbox requires massive CPU use for proper emulation, I cannot recommend any of the below settings if you run anything less than about a 1.9ghz processor (which is what I use with very little hiccups in performance). As such, Dosbox does not require you to use a CPU slowing utility... rather, the faster your CPU the better.

(This also eliminates the invisible quest and climbing bugs normally experienced while running Daggerfall in Windows XP.)


Use the windowsxpdagger installer which is about 41mb found somewhere (I think I found it at fileplanet) on the net to install daggerfall in its native C:\Dagger folder.Also the file can be found on www.Uesp.net

Do not mess with the VDM sound that installs with the installer, instead, just run the SETUP.exe inside the Dagger folder. Select Sound Blaster Pro and its default IRQ, DMA, etc settings for both MIDI and Digital. It most likely will not sound anything when testing, but this is only so Dosbox will recognize it. NOTE: If you play the game and the shop/tavern music is not what you used to hear (Daggerfall had two sets of music depending on your MIDI card), change the MIDI to Ensoniq Soundscape with all of its defaults and leave the Digital the same. This will enable the GSHOP and TAVERN songs instead of using FM_SQR_2 and SQUARE_2.Also I suggest using MPU401 as it is very fast on DoSbOx

Also, open up the z.cfg (located in C:\Dagger) with notepad and change the drive settings listed to whatever folder Dagger is in and also your cd drive. For instance, my z.cfg looks as such with Dagger in C and my cd drive being drive D>>


type dfall_large
path c:\dagger\arena2\
pathcd d:\dagger\arena2\
fadecolor 0
mapfile d
rendergame 1
user 1
startMap 179
region 17
helmet 0
maxSpeed 200
controls betaplyr.dat
maps mapsave.sav

Now with Dosbox, I'm using 0.63 and I recommend it to you as well. Simply install Dosbox and paste this entire thing over the existing contents inside of the dosbox.config file (open using notepad)>>


# fullscreen -- Start dosbox directly in fullscreen.
# fulldouble -- Use double buffering in fullscreen.
# fullfixed -- Don't resize the screen when in fullscreen.
# fullresolution -- What resolution to use for fullscreen, use together with fullfixed.
# output -- What to use for output: surface,overlay,opengl,openglnb,ddraw.
# hwscale -- Extra scaling of window if the output device supports hardware scaling.
# autolock -- Mouse will automatically lock, if you click on the screen.
# sensitiviy -- Mouse sensitivity.
# waitonerror -- Wait before closing the console if dosbox has an error.
# priority -- Priority levels for dosbox: lower,normal,higher,highest.
# Second entry behind the comma is for when dosbox is not focused/minimized.
# mapperfile -- File used to load/save the key/event mappings from.


# language -- Select another language file.
# memsize -- Amount of memory dosbox has in megabytes.
# machine -- The type of machine tries to emulate:hercules,cga,tandy,vga.
# captures -- Directory where things like wave,midi,screenshot get captured.


# frameskip -- How many frames dosbox skips before drawing one.
# aspect -- Do aspect correction.
# scaler -- Scaler used to enlarge/enhance low resolution modes.
# Supported are none,normal2x,advmame2x,advmame3x,advinterp2x,inte rp2x,tv2x.


# core -- CPU Core used in emulation: simple,normal,full,dynamic.
# cycles -- Amount of instructions dosbox tries to emulate each millisecond.
# Setting this higher than your machine can handle is bad!
# cycleup -- Amount of cycles to increase/decrease with keycombo.
# cycledown Setting it lower than 100 will be a percentage.


# nosound -- Enable silent mode, sound is still emulated though.
# rate -- Mixer sample rate, setting any devices higher than this will
# probably lower their sound quality.
# blocksize -- Mixer block size, larger blocks might help sound stuttering
# but sound will also be more lagged.
# prebuffer -- How many milliseconds of data to keep on top of the blocksize.


# mpu401 -- Enable MPU-401 Emulation.
# intelligent -- Operate in Intelligent mode.
# device -- Device that will receive the MIDI data from MPU-401.
# This can be default,alsa,oss,win32,coreaudio,none.
# config -- Special configuration options for the device.


# type -- Type of sblaster to emulate:none,sb1,sb2,sbpro1,sbpro2,sb16.
# base,irq,dma,hdma -- The IO/IRQ/DMA/High DMA address of the soundblaster.
# mixer -- Allow the soundblaster mixer to modify the dosbox mixer.
# oplmode -- Type of OPL emulation: auto,cms,opl2,dualopl2,opl3.
# On auto the mode is determined by sblaster type.
# oplrate -- Sample rate of OPL music emulation.


# gus -- Enable the Gravis Ultrasound emulation.
# base,irq1,irq2,dma1,dma2 -- The IO/IRQ/DMA addresses of the
# Gravis Ultrasound. (Same IRQ's and DMA's are OK.)
# rate -- Sample rate of Ultrasound emulation.
# ultradir -- Path to Ultrasound directory. In this directory
# there should be a MIDI directory that contains
# the patch files for GUS playback. Patch sets used
# with Timidity should work fine.


# pcspeaker -- Enable PC-Speaker emulation.
# pcrate -- Sample rate of the PC-Speaker sound generation.
# tandyrate -- Sample rate of the Tandy 3-Voice generation.
# Tandysound emulation is present if machine is set to tandy.
# disney -- Enable Disney Sound Source emulation.


# Nothing to setup yet!

# xms -- Enable XMS support.
# ems -- Enable EMS support.


# modem -- Enable virtual modem emulation.
# comport -- COM Port modem is connected to.
# listenport -- TCP Port the modem listens on for incoming connections.


# directserial -- Enable serial passthrough support.
# comport -- COM Port inside DOSBox.
# realport -- COM Port on the Host.
# defaultbps -- Default BPS.
# parity -- Parity of the packets. This can be N, E or O.
# bytesize -- Size of each packet. This can be 5 or 8.
# stopbit -- The number of stopbits. This can be 1 or 2.


# ipx -- Enable ipx over UDP/IP emulation.


# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

mount d d:\ -t cdrom
mount c c:\
cd dagger
fall.exe z.cfg

The above will automatically set the CPU cycles to 18000 which I find to be best while playing Daggerfall (any more cycles and the music skips), and play the game in its natural resolution 320x200 in fullscreen. NOTE: You'll still have to press CTRL F10 at game start to lock the mouse in Dosbox.

Also as a minor aesthetic thing, you can make a shortcut to dosbox and place it on your desktop, change icon, and then browse the Dagger folder to find the original Lysandus skull icon file and change it to that. Rename the "shortcut to dosbox" to "Daggerfall" and you have yourself a Daggerfall emulator!


22-02-2006, 11:48:04
ooooh, can't wait to try it this weekend! Thanks :)

23-02-2006, 14:11:31
OK, I couldn't wait for the weekend. It works great.

Last time I tried, there was no such animal as a windowsXP installer for it, and dosbox was still pretty young. I even have sound, which almost never works in my dos games.

Fell through the top of a ramp in the starting area and ended up in blackness looking at the map from the outside. Ah, nostalgia.

I'm now a level 2 battlemage!

03-03-2006, 13:59:47
Oblivion has gone gold. Set for a 20th of March release. I only have to buy a new video card to run it :rolleyes:

03-03-2006, 14:36:31
wonder if it will also try to draw the bits you can't see and swamp your card

guess I'll make a news item