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20-10-2004, 15:54:03
Hi all moo fans!

I am glad to inform u that master of orion 2 is still played online via kali server 246. Here u can find help web sites which will guide u how to configure moo2 on kali.

http://www.masteroforion2.blogspot.com (look english setup)
http://www.kali.net (online gaming)
http://www.masteroforion2.com/4381 (old one)

We usually play orion2.exe (dos game) which is abit specific : users with windows 2000 cannot play it. Others users might play. Sometimes orion95 (windows version) can be used. Its laggy but it works on all operating systems.
Defeault server for chat is kali no 246 ( chat servers -> game servers -> 246 ).

Best time to find opponent to play is european evening or weekends.
IF u dont have moo2 u can download FREE full version which works with time limit ( ask me on priv here / kali for more detailts )
http://download.softwrap.com/NCBuy/MOO2.exe (dont run arun.exe! - just apply patch)
ftp://ftp.infogrames.net/patches/moo2/ ( apply patch 1.31 ! )

Good luck! Any questions ? ASK


20-10-2004, 17:02:13
Cool. I'm not likely to play, but neat.

Resource Consumer
21-10-2004, 09:05:09
interesting :)