View Full Version : Good time to be an AMD fan. And rich.

Sir Penguin
19-10-2004, 21:10:52
I guess it's always a good time to be rich. Except when the poor people revolt. Unless you're getting rich by selling weapons to the poor people. Hmmm... Any of you losers dissatisfied with your government?

Anyway, AMD's coming out with the Athlon64 4000+, which apparently spanks anything by Intel in most benchmarks. Of course, it's ridiculously expensive at US$700-800. The Athlon FX-55 is available too, for even more money.


In related news, nVidia's announced the nForce4 chipset for Socket 939 (Sempron, Athlon64, and AthlonFX processors). It includes a load of brand new technology, including Windows Longhorn TCP Chimney support, hardware firewalling on the motherboard, and native SATA II (300 MB/s). It will also do PCI Express, something that isn't supported by current Socket 939 chipsets yet. Actual hardware should be available in a month or so. It, too, is guaranteed to cost hundreds of dollars, but it comes with the motherboard.


19-10-2004, 21:23:59
Umm how much are the other processors dropping in price? *She says with hope*

Sir Penguin
19-10-2004, 23:27:46
Significantly. :)


Sir Penguin
20-10-2004, 00:27:49
Price drops:


The Athlon64 3500+ seems to be the sweet spot on Socket 939, and the 3400+ on Socket 754.


20-10-2004, 00:46:32
The 4000+ is a FX-53.

20-10-2004, 02:07:02
just 5 days after I bought an Athlon64 3500+ ...


20-10-2004, 11:42:21
Yaay, I'll start looking again.

20-10-2004, 14:59:42


20-10-2004, 16:25:36
don't click that link it's pop-up hell!

No longer Trippin
20-10-2004, 16:36:01
The low end isn't dropping for 939 and even the midrange with a drop still is at least double your usual AMD pricing now that they are price parrying Intel. The "new" 4000 and FX-57 are .13 micron which means they are newcastle cores. The .9 Winchester does beat them clock per clock, even with the FX cache advantage. So I'd hold off if possible on a purchase, especially considering most people don't need a new processor right now. A 9800 or 5900 isn't bottlenecked with a barton 2500. If you don't have a new card which can be choked or run SETI 24/7 a new processor and board is a waste of money.

The Mad Monk
22-10-2004, 06:13:43
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