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19-10-2004, 16:32:39
So with my old computer I had occasional problems with losing internet access. Everyone in the house would keep it, and I would often (but not always) be able to continue communicating to other machines on our home network.

Now I thought that something had just gone funny with my old computer (a reset of that computer would usually get things running again, as would waiting 5 minutes). But it just happened with my new computer which has nothing on it, no shared parts, and is brand new.

So this seems to be a weird problem, and it seems to be independent of what computer I use. I have tried switching cables, but that didn't work (this last time).

Anyways, this has been really annoying and I have had this problem for about a year (if it has been the same problem). I have switched network wires durring this time (and there was even a time where I skipped my in room hub, and ran it off of the ground floor hub). I would really appreciate any help.

Jon Miller

19-10-2004, 16:48:06
Now the new computer is accessing the network just fine, the old one isn't seeing a connection at all. This was still a problem when I had no other computer but my own coming off my room hub.

Jon Miller

miester gandertak
19-10-2004, 17:11:48
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19-10-2004, 17:15:16
Hmm, I should add on some other bits of information. Certain programs (and I haven't repeated this with my new machine) like Edonkey and AIM would maintain a connection when everything else lost connection.

Things like this made me initially think it was a problem with my computer. Now my current machine doesn't have those programs installed. Of course, it might be a combination of problems.

Jon Miller

19-10-2004, 18:49:18
How do you connect to your ISP?

19-10-2004, 19:28:33
I have a cable modem

there is a router right off of it

there are 10-15 computers on in my house at any given time

Jon Miller

Jon Miller

19-10-2004, 19:29:29
note that while others occasionally have problems, everyone has problems at that time

when I have problems, I am the only one to

also, sometimes my problems don't let me connect to other computers in the network (this is only with my old machine so far)

JOn Miller

20-10-2004, 07:17:07
Off the top of my head, maybe it's the router. The router may be set to only handle traffic from X number of hosts at a time. Or it may be set to only assign X number of addresses via DHCP at a time. If these settings aren't easy to change, then maybe NAT (between groups of machines and the router) can reduce the number of hosts visible to the router. The other option is new hardware. Some folks hack their routers in order to expose functionality that was disabled. ISPs get nervous about sharing broadband connections with 10-15 computers.

As for two machines together on a hub, I frequently have problems trying to get two Windows 2000 machines to "see" each other via MS networking, though the IP settings and Netbios name settings say that both machines should. I think logging in with a name and password common to both machines works, but I haven't tried in a while. Also, it sometimes takes a few tries to get both machines to "register". Just because MS networking is quirky doesn't necessarily mean that two machines are incapable of communicating.

20-10-2004, 09:27:41
And you are at about the top of how many machines you can handle on a simple unswitched network.