View Full Version : Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

19-10-2004, 15:51:26

This looks interesting...

Anyone know a thing about it? - I know its "IG3" in some form or another, but I never played those games.

Kind of like Homeworld, but with nifty stuff like crew experience and more opportunities to micromanage your ship activities.

Resource Consumer
19-10-2004, 22:23:49
You mean you can put your Captain in charge of cleaning the toilets or something? :) (any reference to Homeworld leaves me cold - many people loved it but to me it simply sucked)

20-10-2004, 02:35:03
I agree Homeworld, the game, was crap...

But the graphics, now that was something else, for that time.

20-10-2004, 11:12:34
I never finished Homeworld, because I got sick of having to capture half the enemy ships in one mission just to have a snowball's chance in hell in the next.

I thought adding in more stuff to micromanage in this new game might appeal more to SMAC-begotten twats. At least so long as its fun stuff to micromanage.

(I know enough about Homeworld, I was asking about the game in the thread title ;))

The Mad Monk
22-10-2004, 17:29:19
I'll look at it in 2006. :)