View Full Version : Nav! (real problem this time, I promise)

12-10-2004, 15:08:03
You forgot to switch over the www.counterglow.co.uk domain when you moved the site. This means those of our posters who are posting from work/school and who are smart enough to realize that a lot of the filters that block counterglow.com do not block counterglow.co.uk are totally out in the cold.

*End Is Forever*
12-10-2004, 15:25:40
Works for me...

12-10-2004, 15:32:16
The forum doesn't though. (for me)

12-10-2004, 16:30:43
Not forgot. Unable to. Currently attempting to get .co.uk to forward to .com. (problem with Fasthosts at the moment with that)

However currently domain mirroring is not possible on the new server.


12-10-2004, 18:03:21
Correction. Not possible via the admin system, possible if you spent f-ing ages working out how to do it manually....

So counterglow.co.uk will work again properly as soon as the DNS propagation takes effect (24 hrs ish).

12-10-2004, 19:03:15
That should cost TV4fun extra!

*End Is Forever*
12-10-2004, 20:34:25
The forum was so much nicer without him, too.

12-10-2004, 20:43:19
Actually I was posting this thread on behalf of alsieboo who hasn't been able to get onto CG from school.

12-10-2004, 20:50:15
Actually I was working (vaguely...) on this for alsieboo who hasn't been able to get onto CG from school.

12-10-2004, 20:52:04
oh, she didn't call you during the day, did she?

*End Is Forever*
12-10-2004, 22:06:28
She called me the other day.

13-10-2004, 11:54:58
texted, thankfully not in the middle of the night...

22-10-2004, 12:16:27
Yah, I learnt my lesson