View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Peasant's Quest

Scabrous Birdseed
11-10-2004, 20:32:48
Yes! It's a complete mock-8-bit pseudographic adventure game. With strange humour. I hope they haven't replicated the "if you don't do things in the right order you lose without ever knowing it" puzzle types but it doesn't seem like it.


Immortal Wombat
11-10-2004, 22:46:50
Can't get more than 14 points. :(

12-10-2004, 11:03:19
Boy I hated these game, so frustrating to run around looking for clues.
Btw, I was killed by the horse...

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 12:11:39
:lol: how?

12-10-2004, 13:22:06
the damn thing wouldn't talk, move, budge or give out anything, so I tried to kick it. It kicked back.

12-10-2004, 13:57:45
up to 60 points now.

Some of the comments are downright hilarious...

No, no. The broom is in the foreground, and you can't take things from the foreground. you don't see me all typing "get browser window", do you?

Night falls like a bad power point presentation


12-10-2004, 14:14:47
LMAO :lol:

Congratulations! You've won! No one can kill Trogdor but you came closer than anybody ever! Way to go!

Only got 133/150 points though... must have missed some bonus points along the way.

PS: Yes I was bored today.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 15:16:50
I want the bucket.

12-10-2004, 16:11:01
search for something heavy to load it with... stones maybe ?

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 16:23:08
no, I got that. I want the bucket itself. Or a boat. Or anything. I'm wandering around having spoken everything I can think of, picked up everything I can find, and still with none of the three conditions fulfilled.

12-10-2004, 16:29:26
Hint: horses are easy to scare.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 16:31:04
Yep. And that.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 16:31:26
Oh yeah, thats a good point though, what do I have to give those archer guys?

12-10-2004, 17:06:00
The lady in the cottage mentioned that she lost something outside. Did you get it?

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 17:16:02
I don't think so.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 17:18:05
But now the site's down.

12-10-2004, 17:28:45
When it's back up, search the bushes outside the cottage.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 21:30:03
Weeeee thats better. 78. Just that damn chicken feed to get rid of now.

Immortal Wombat
12-10-2004, 22:46:44
ah. 130 at the end. I missed some of the baby stuff, according to the FAQ.

04-12-2004, 01:03:48
that games gay

04-12-2004, 03:47:13
you grab yet another arrow from the tree hoping to get some bonus points

04-12-2004, 04:14:29
ok, I've killed a kerrek, slipped out a stone, and gotten mired in mud, now what? Is there anything I can do with that guy hiding behind the tree? or the stack of hay?

04-12-2004, 04:47:23
ok, figured it out, thank you gamefaqs.

04-12-2004, 10:13:53
Have to have a scabby thread

04-12-2004, 10:13:56
Stoß für die Hölle von ihm