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19-11-2001, 11:01:04
Another successful practice for The Unholy on Saturday. Got 5 songs which are sounding really good, I think I might write up the build up to Frome as part of Jack Steele's diary - as seen on loudmedicine.net.

We are thinking now that we'll concentrate on the 5 songs that we have, get them totally sorted for Frome, not write any more at the moment. The thinking being that a 5 song 20-25 minute set where all the songs are totally sorted is going to be a lot better than adding a couple of songs that aren't as good and rushing them through isn't going to be as impressive. Of course we do have a reasonably long time until Frome and we will undoubtably write another song at a practice when we get bored at a practice.

Only one we started working on at the weekend ended up as something resembling the Austin Powers Theme.

Anyway we played through the songs straight to see how they fit together and it was pretty good. I don't think any of the songs seem weak in comparison to the others which is good...

Stay Unholy

Resource Consumer
20-11-2001, 10:43:30
As they say - "All roads lead to Frome"

20-11-2001, 10:50:00
Now why didn't I think of that. :D

29-11-2001, 17:47:13
First Frome, then the world, or something like that.

Are you not tempted to fill the rest of your set with cheesy covers?

30-11-2001, 10:34:03
Bad news, Frome Cheese and Grain are extending their refurbishment so the gig has been put back until the 18th MAY! Looking to get a gig in Reading early next year instead.