View Full Version : Yumi Yumi album!

05-10-2004, 18:45:05
This album has to be the most brilliant thing I've ever heard! Yaaay! :)

Lazarus and the Gimp
05-10-2004, 18:46:31
What are they like?

05-10-2004, 19:24:13
Ultra cheery Japanese pop songs. Chuck Berry rock and roll guitar mixed with indie guitar, mechanical drum machine/programming, harmonised girlie vocals with a japanese accent. Sometimes it sounds like a 4AD record, other times like a soundtrack to a manga futuristic cowboy film. Some comic moments, some beautiful moments, some naive elements, some rock out moments, bits of techno, pop, er...um... you just have to hear it really.

You have to see them live first though.

06-10-2004, 08:48:56
I've been thinking about getting that. Might have to!

06-10-2004, 10:37:22
I think you'd enjoy it. It's much better than I thought it would be.