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*End Is Forever*
29-09-2004, 18:47:44
Just for amusement value, given the disparate music tastes on offer, if ever (god forbid) you ended up being interviewed by Sue Lawley on Desert Island Discs, which, say, six songs would you pick?

Lazarus and the Gimp
29-09-2004, 18:57:39
My Bloody Valentine- "You made me realise"
The Velvet Underground- "All tomorrow's parties"
Funkadelic- "Super Stupid"
Main- "There is only light"
Underworld- "Cowgirl"
The Monkees- "Daydream believer"

Lazarus and the Gimp
29-09-2004, 18:59:24
Though I'm quite tempted to pick something off "The fucking cunts treat us like pricks" by Flux of Pink Indians just to hear Sue say rude words on the radio.

*End Is Forever*
29-09-2004, 19:03:30
I'm intrigued by "Daydream Believer", I must say...

Lazarus and the Gimp
29-09-2004, 19:15:12
A great song. T'would be churlish to deny it.

Scabrous Birdseed
29-09-2004, 19:16:35
Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
John Holt - Ali Baba
Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Diseases
Missy Elliott - Ger Ur Freak On
Ying Yang Twins - Hahn!

er, those are all black aren't they? Lemme pick something honky for the last track.

Gram Parsons - 1000 Dollar Wedding

*End Is Forever*
29-09-2004, 19:39:11
I think you should explain why you've picked those tracks. :)

That said, spare us the life story in between... :lol:

29-09-2004, 19:53:46
I'd definately want a couple vinyl records. I reckon they could be melted into bowls used for eating/drinking, keeping fish in etc. A few CDs would be handy, the reflective surface could signal passing boats and the cases could be made into useful cutting implements. Tapes would be really handy for making snares and fishing lines. You could probably magnetise a thin metal object to make into a compass with a tape too.

Scabrous Birdseed
29-09-2004, 20:06:56
Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
I think you should explain why you've picked those tracks. :)
They're good!

30-09-2004, 15:16:22
Stone Roses - Fool's Gold (epic song reminds me of my student days)

Stand By Me - Drifters (love the film and this song just reminds me of it)

Oasis - Cast No Shadow (Classic oasis song!)

In a Room - Dodgy (the first cd single I ever bought, still love the song)

James - Sometimes (if times are hard I'll listen to this)

YMCA - Villiage People (it'd be a crime not to)

30-09-2004, 17:11:40
Is this the life - The Cardiacs
When it all comes down - The Icicle Works
Closing Time - Leonard Cohen
Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Fade to Black - Metallica

30-09-2004, 19:17:43
Viva (Anything) - Scraping foetus off the wheel (I can do any goddamn thing I want ... kicks out those insecurities)
Three Days - Jane's Addiction (Soothing music for lulling me to sleep)
The Writ - Black Sabbath (I couldn't be without Black Sabbath and this is one of my many favourites)
Don't stop me now - Queen (For joyous energy on a lethargic day)
Mr. Blue Sky - ELO (To chase away the Blues)
Overdose - AC/DC (To mellow out to after a hard day)