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15-03-2002, 16:41:29
Whaddya think? Plenty of variables: game version, number of leagues, show player attributes, database size, time limit, etc.

On the plus side, we could have coherent discussions about CM rather than the Fiorentina/Man Utd/Woking/Atalanta/etc. that we have now.

15-03-2002, 16:42:32
Interesting... how would you stop people cheating?

15-03-2002, 16:44:08
As in saving under different filenames, or changing the database info (includes using the DB to ‘scout’ obscure players)? Well, the Angband challenge runs on the honour system, so we could use that. Unfortunately, being football, that might not work :).

15-03-2002, 16:48:57
As in not saving, exiting and reloading or can't you do that anymore?

15-03-2002, 16:49:22
Last version I really played was CM3...

15-03-2002, 16:51:29
Oh shit, that’s a point.

I have CM3 also (5 was all it cost; 5!), but yes, that was what I meant. Carry on playing even if you lose your two star wing backs (has just this second happened to me as Atalanta—grr).

15-03-2002, 16:52:40
Yep, that's the only flaw I can see, that and getting everyone with the same version.

15-03-2002, 16:54:01
I've got 00/01 as well... well I say I have it. Shakey borrowed it a couple of months ago and I haven't seen it since. :D

15-03-2002, 16:54:31
Challenge be what? Best first season?

15-03-2002, 16:54:55
Well, I don’t think there’s much incentive to cheat, it would be more about trying different ways of playing. I would say that we should play 01/02, just because it’s the most recent, but if people want to play and everyone has 3, or 97/98, then fine.

15-03-2002, 16:57:07
I was thinking that, but that makes it a bastard if you get some injuries. OTOH, it would go on for ages otherwise.

How about a challenge to do a set of tasks, each worth points, in a season? Or even the manager points?

15-03-2002, 16:59:26
Hmmm... interesting.

I don't have 01/02 and don't really fancy buying it when I haven't really had a go at 00/01 yet. (too slow on old PC, didn't get round to installing it on the new one)

15-03-2002, 17:00:30
That, as RC said, is the problem. Would CM3 would be a good baseline?

15-03-2002, 17:02:57
Well I have it so I could lend it to Shakey. Perhaps we should get people to list their versions?

I've got


15-03-2002, 17:05:31
I have 97/98, 3, and 01/02. If not, I guess we could…uh…mail out a copy of the CD.

15-03-2002, 17:06:33

RC sent Venom one version so they won't both have the same one...

15-03-2002, 17:08:32
Did I say that? I meant, get those twats to buy it!

15-03-2002, 17:09:24
Yes, you meant get them to mail order it right? ;)

15-03-2002, 17:11:47
Using Counterglow’s unique e-commerce engine.

15-03-2002, 17:12:06

15-03-2002, 17:13:00
It would help if someone else with CM posted in this thread.

15-03-2002, 23:31:02
I'm interested!

I have CM3 (somewhere) and CM 00/01, dont really want to buy 01/02 not when CM4 is getting closer.

16-03-2002, 09:49:26
I think I have a friend who has 00/01 but doesn’t play it, so I can give that a go.

Who else? RC (away), Venom (wrong version), Ghidra (?)…

The Shaker
17-03-2002, 14:32:17
me too,
whatever Mike has.
though as i read it Mike already had me in :D

thought not availiable for April :(

17-03-2002, 14:43:26
We’ll save the ‘get Bury promoted’ challenge until you return.

18-03-2002, 13:48:48
And it would take me weeks to get the correct version from Europe.

The Shaker
18-03-2002, 19:48:50
you call it a challenge
I call it an impossibility :)

18-03-2002, 19:54:40
I meant from D3 :p.

The Shaker
18-03-2002, 20:21:16
So we're playing with next years edition then ?


18-03-2002, 20:23:59
Hey, my club’s going down, too.

18-03-2002, 20:34:19
Mine's going up. :D

The Shaker
18-03-2002, 20:34:32
true :p

saw 00/01 for 9.99 today i think (or was it 4.99)

CM3 is about 2.99

18-03-2002, 20:40:42
I think 00/01 looks a good choice, especially as that means Venom can’t play.

18-03-2002, 21:23:06
Who needs you limey fucks anyway?

20-03-2002, 18:47:08
Well I’m going to pick up 00/01 in about half an hour.

Obviously, Champ Man being a turn-based game that runs quite slowly, we’ll have to allow a decent amount of time for each challenge. Two weeks?

Also, I think we should just load the one league for each challenge.

20-03-2002, 20:52:59
Right, I have 00/01.

Everyone patched? It shouldn’t make too much difference, unless someone here is ruthlessly exploiting a bug :D.

20-03-2002, 21:27:01
Sounds fair although I'm not sure I can play a season in two week. :o

20-03-2002, 21:29:32

20-03-2002, 21:33:06
Probably. I think I need, at the absolute minimum, three good sessions to do a league which means finding three weekend days I'm not busy.

Is it just me and you?

20-03-2002, 21:49:34
Well, Nav said he was interested. I just wanted to find out how different people play the game. Maybe RC, once he’s back?

Anyway, I was talking about going in cold: you get one chance at the league.

20-03-2002, 21:51:14
I might be able to do a season a month.

I am incredibly busy at the moment though.

20-03-2002, 21:52:47
a thought. can you play cm in a window? I might be able to play and work. :)

20-03-2002, 22:03:38
Originally posted by Sean
Well, Nav said he was interested. I just wanted to find out how different people play the game. Maybe RC, once he’s back?

Anyway, I was talking about going in cold: you get one chance at the league.

Yes but it's going to take me three days to play a league.. that's what I meant. Minimum.

20-03-2002, 22:07:30
You can play CM in a window, I am playing and CGing.

Mike, three days to play a league? As in a season?!

20-03-2002, 22:09:59
yeah, thats what he means.

20-03-2002, 22:52:28
Yep... that's 15 games a day including learning all the new stuff in CM00/01. Probably doable.

20-03-2002, 23:21:53
I have to unlearn some stuff from 01/02, especially which players to buy.

We should probably start with a simple one, something like qualify for Europe with Leicester.

20-03-2002, 23:51:07
I'll give it a bash. no point not trying.

just a note.. it's best if we all patched to the latest version available. (or at least the same version)

20-03-2002, 23:59:06
I’m on the latest version. I can’t see there being any major problems with something so simple, but the data is different in the patched version.

21-03-2002, 09:27:36
Something simple. :eek: You have obviously played a lot more CM than I have. That sounds bloody hard.

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 10:47:19
if I can do it this weekend (3 intensive days) i'll be in.
what's the idea again?

21-03-2002, 10:48:18
We can't both play at the same time. :eek:

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 11:04:46
vi not?

21-03-2002, 11:12:16
Voly vone CD.

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 11:27:44
was thinking of getting it anyway
only a couple of quid.

21-03-2002, 11:50:43

21-03-2002, 13:42:36
Does't CM let you remove the disk after the game is loaded?

21-03-2002, 17:39:34
Mike, didn’t Leicester start 00/01 like a train on fire?

I shall prepare the challenge tonight, even if I am addicted to my current Atalanta game in 01/02. I just bought Mpenza and Riquelme!

21-03-2002, 19:08:36
And I will continue my Man United game. Managed to draw Real Madrid in the second phase of the Champions League. Oh goody.

21-03-2002, 19:17:35
I am trying to qualify for the Champions League this year :(.

21-03-2002, 19:26:33
I have won my first 2 games in the 2nd phase, but I've yet to play Madrid. Should be interesting. I think I can draw with them or maybe squeeze out a victory at home. Don't think I have much chance away. That should be enough to move me on.

But as usual I'm going to get bounced out of Europe. Plus Keane is unhappy and whining so I sold his ass. His contract was going to up up in 6 months anyway and he was going to leave so I decided to accept the 3 mill from Lazio. Oh well. He didn't play much anyway.

This off season should be interesting. I'll need several new young players as about 5 of my reserves are leaving Bosman style and I'll need another defensive midfielder, another goalkeeper, and maybe another defender. I could stand to get a backup for the left and right midfield but I may just call up a youngster to fill that slot. I hope 43 million is enough cash to cover my needs.

21-03-2002, 19:35:03
3 million for Keane?! Here I am, scouring for a DM in that price range (I have lots of average ones), and you go and sell a diamond like Keane for 3 million?

And I got my first cash injection this year: 23 million. That, with some transfer income, covered Mpenza, Riquelme, and miscellaneous free transfers. Prior to that I have had to sell players like Djorjevic (admittedly at 2000% mark-up) and Overmars (infinite mark-up: from free to 10m) to make ends meet.

What season are you in?

21-03-2002, 19:43:51
02/03 now I think. I'm in December of 02. The reason I sold Keane is because his contract is coming up and I've got Van Der Leegte who has been awesome for me over the past year. He's taken Keane's place and I didn't give Keane enough playing time. He's going to leave anyway so I'll at least get some moneey for him. If I wait, he'll be worth 0 and he's already been replaced by someone just as good, with a smaller contract, who's 5 years younger.

This has been a trying season. I've got great strikers but I can't score a fricken goal. I win every game by 1 goal. No matter the score. It's 1-0. 3-2. Whatever. My team seems to do as little as possible to win by 1. Oh well. As long as we win. I just got Fernando Morientes last summer and I sold Yorke last year. Picked up Ronaldinho for free and sent Cole to the reserves. I really enjoyed doing that. Cole's contract is also up this summer so he's leaving. Oh and I got Joe Cole last summer too. And some other Dutch striker. And a central defender named Ceaser as I sold Stam. I think I upset the chemistry of my team a bit.

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 19:43:58
yeah venom, you can just remove it, but mike doesn't know becasue he's never got to play his own copy :)
got my own anyway now.

ready to fire.

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 19:45:21
I'm in something like 2005
with bury
mid table
division one.

if you believe i managed that without cheating, well
you know

21-03-2002, 20:14:13
How about the challenge in more detail? how about this

take control of leicester, the one to score the most managerial points in a season wins.

Maybe some other rules like not being allowed to buy non-uk players?


21-03-2002, 20:16:11
Keep it simple for now :D. Challenge is just about to be posted.

The Shaker
21-03-2002, 20:17:55
can it be
'Get united relegated'

without sellnig any players

21-03-2002, 20:21:34
Easy, play everyone up front.

What do you mean, they do that anyway?!