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27-09-2004, 12:03:23
OK, since DVD burner prices are low I think I'm going to spend some money on an upgrade. Soo... what brand are currently to recommend, and what should I be on the look-out for?
Thanks in advance for any help.

28-09-2004, 17:56:21
bump :p

28-09-2004, 20:32:37
NEC 2510A :heart:

28-09-2004, 20:43:51
Is it really so good? And would you recommend it over 3500 for example?

28-09-2004, 20:51:04
Lite-On. I have no experience with their DVD burners, but I've had good results with Lite-On CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and CD-RW drives. I placed an order for a Lite-On multi-format DVD burner a couple of days ago. I paid extra for the DVD+R 9GB option, even though 9GB DVD+Rs cost ~$12 apiece at Newegg.com. I think I'll stick with DVD-Rs, but you never know.

29-09-2004, 03:18:52
Originally posted by LoD
Is it really so good? And would you recommend it over 3500 for example? I could not because I don't know much about the 3500. I can vouch that it is a quiet drive, and offers extraordinary value for the price you pay (under $100 US).

29-09-2004, 08:14:08
Deacon: well, I have mixed fillings with Lite-Ons. On one hand, I've bough a CD burner quite a while ago and it's been performing very well. On the other, I've bought a Lite-ON CD-ROM drive and it's not only loud, but also not reading the CD's sometimes (you have to re-instert usually, then it works) - have you had the same problems with your drive, Deacon?

Jeratain: OK, I'll look into it, thanks :). Currently both are priced under 100 Euro in Austria, and the difference is around 10 Euro.

Hmmm... the 3500 A seems to be simply an faster version of the 2510A, sans headphone jack. Any more experiences with NEC burners from you lot?

30-09-2004, 18:40:46
My Lite-On CD-ROM is an old 30X from 1998. It's still working, and it's installed in a computer I put together from old parts. Most CD-ROM drives seem to be junk nowadays. My theory is that the CD-ROM drive has been relegated to the "cheap at all costs" market, while some effort still goes into burners and DVD-ROM drives.

Provost Harrison
30-09-2004, 18:57:49
Well I have a CD-RW drive that can also read DVDs...it is quite handy...

01-10-2004, 20:59:32
Deacon: your theory sound quite sound, I'll do a price check on Lite-Ons as well :)...

Sir Penguin
01-10-2004, 23:23:18
I remember hearing somewhere that Lite-on is one of the companies that actually make the devices. They sell the best ones to Panasonic and all them, then sell the rest as their own brand for much cheaper. I don't know if that's true or not.


01-10-2004, 23:50:13
I've hear that too, so it might be...