View Full Version : planetside screwed

23-09-2004, 19:04:55
The september update for planetside has just gone live and boy have SOE cocked up.

Reports are coming in from every continent and empire that all the doors in the game have stopped working, trapping people in spawn rooms. Stranger still many people have become totally invisible which while that would be useful in the field when you stuck in a spawn room with 2 other invisible people it isnt so usefull.

Also every terminal in the world appears to be broken.

Nice one SOE, thats what I pay my subs for.

23-09-2004, 19:30:40
Bet its reverted or fixed in 48 hours.

Greg W
23-09-2004, 20:04:41
Heh, if it's that bad, I pretty much guarantee it'll be reverted or fixed in < 24 hours.