View Full Version : Short Story Contest #8 - "Joel boarded the train"

*End Is Forever*
12-09-2004, 20:22:30
Welcome to the eighth CG short story contest!

For this contest, your story should start with the words "Joel boarded the train", but from then on you are free to go wherever your imagination takes you!

Write as much or as little as you like, but please respect the fact that your peers will have to find the time to read your entry
I will start another thread in a fortnight but feel free to keep writing after that if you haven't finished etc.

As always, only one entry per poster.

Comments on stories should be posted in a seperate thread here, this thread is for STORIES ONLY.

The Mad Monk
14-09-2004, 06:31:06

14-09-2004, 16:57:01
Joel boarded the train, and the gunslinger followed.

The Mad Monk
15-09-2004, 05:16:37
The End.