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03-09-2004, 10:06:43
Hoping for a useful response while I still have some teeth and hair left.

At the bottom of Windows there is something called a task bar upon which one can select to display various things. I've got that far.

I want to display the minimised icons ungrouped, and the Quick-Start.

Since there are many more minimised application icons than Quick-Start icons, I want to have 2 horizontal rows at the base for the minimised stuff (to avoid the scrollbar nonsense) and one row above it for the Quick-Start.

I thought it should be very very very very very simple. Microsoft seem to have seized the opportunity to piss me off more than I can describe.

You grab the top edge and make the bar 3 rows big. Add the Quick-Start toolbar, it'll go on the bottom.

You drag it up, it insists on going side by side, horizontal to the minimised stuff. Try to drag it up, it'll change size or swop sides, but refuse to go to the top. Then suddenly it seems to pull off as a separate menu that won't join up again, and the only option is to close it and start again.

If by some miracle you do get it on top of the minimised icon area, the task bar will have guaranteed to have changed size so it's only 2 rows high, and the damn scroll bar is once more on the right of the minimised icon area. You pull it up be 3 rows high, the !"$!"%*(& Quick-Start bar grows, and not the minimised icon bar.

This seems to go on for infinity, or until you bomb the shit out of Microsoft. Or give up.

Is there another way to get this as I want without resorting to all this frustration ?

03-09-2004, 10:11:44
Is it just an editable text file somewhere ? - No such luck eh ?

03-09-2004, 18:15:04
I find that it is often handy to move the "Start" bar to the left or right hand side when I want to adjust the placement or position of the minimized icon area and Quick Start. Once adjusted, you can then drag the Start bar back down and see if you need to adjust any more.

I don't know if this will do the trick for you. But it might. Often, the auto-arrangement of the Systray and its icons will cause the Start bar to not go into the arrangement or sizing that you tell the Start Bar. And puting the Start bar on the sides (vertically) causes the Systray to use a different placement and not interfere as often with what you are doing.

Good luck.