View Full Version : The Girl in the Gas Station

Resource Consumer
14-03-2002, 15:58:33
If you know the title then you know which game......

Of those of you that managed to save her, how did you do it? (This one beats me for the moment)

Vincent Fandango
14-03-2002, 16:34:19
Get the chainsaw from Zak McCracken

Resource Consumer
14-03-2002, 16:56:08
That's the guy behind the post office, right?

14-03-2002, 21:26:45
jump across the rooftops from the building next door(you can get up through the ductwork inside) - camo and jump enhancements help. Then drop down through the opening in the roof of the building she's held in and toss a LAM onto the guards below.

15-03-2002, 14:40:40
Man I have to so get this game. Is it out on budget or what?

15-03-2002, 16:27:14
I got it last summer for 15 dollars US. Shouldn't be hard to find a deal.

15-03-2002, 16:29:44
I bought the GOTY edition around Aug or Sept for about $30. It should be cheaper now.

Another way to solve the Gas Station mission is to sneak around the building and open the door without being seen. Then get as far away as you can while still being able to see the soldier and the MiB without being seen yourself. Get your sniper rifle ready and shoot the MiB in the head when he is close to the soldier. When he explodes, he'll take out the soldier as well. You can also use this strategy to 'come in firing' so long as you concentrate heavy fire on the MiB.

Another note on the gas station that I discovered the last time I played. If you destroy the support beams above the gas pumps, the ceiing will come crashing down. One of the commanders got a little too eager with his rockets. :)