View Full Version : So my new computer has finally stopped crashing...

01-09-2004, 21:25:42
but my monitor looks funny. It's squished on the right and left hand sides. How do I sort that out eh?

01-09-2004, 21:33:52
The monitor should have some sort of buttons to press to fix that. You'll have to play around because they're all different. I'd say read the manual but...:lol:

02-09-2004, 00:24:12
Sounds like the monitor's trapezoid or pincushion setting. One irritating thing about CRTs is that adjusting these can have you throwing up your hands after a while.

02-09-2004, 00:39:29
I've tried everything. Fucking nightmare.

Here's more good news. My pc came with a free copy of the sasser worm. :tizzy:

02-09-2004, 16:43:15
I still can't sort it out. It's doing my head in. Everything is wide in the middle and skinny at the edges. The top and bottom are fine. It's just the left and right. :(

02-09-2004, 16:47:27
I charge quite a bit for a house call, ya know ;)

03-09-2004, 08:58:38
get a TFT!