View Full Version : Shawn Colvin and Cowboy Junkies: Oregon Zoo idiocy 8/21

23-08-2004, 16:46:54
Went to this show on Saturday night.
We got a babysitter and my sister and brother in law came to town and dropped their son off with ours.
It has been blazing hot in Oregon all summer long...unnaturally so, I might point out.
On various occasions I have moaned "oh how I wish for one good rainstorm, I'd run around in it naked and love it so much" etc. etc.
This is called foreshadowing.

We get on the Maxx train out here in the suburbs and take it to the zoo. The sky is gray. There is a very long line to get into the show grounds. We are a bit late, so we end up sitting all the way in the back, but still in a pretty good spot.
I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Mrs. BGH is wearing jeans and a light jacket and thin shirt.
The zoo people have a few big scary birds fly over us, then we are off to the beer/wine line to wet our whistles before the music starts.

The heavens open up. Literally.
Within minutes, we are absolutely soaked to the skin. We don't even have a garbage bag to shield ourselves with.
It is POURING. People are fleeing like animals before a forest fire...running pell mell for the exits with their panties and breasts on display through now see through clothing.
We say fuck it, we're already wet and there's no way we are going home to a house full of rain trapped children.
Eventually, Colvin comes on and does a pretty nice acoustic guitar set.
It finally clears up and the Cowboy Junkies do a good set off their new album, "OneSoulNow" and some old standby's and a few covers. I'd guess at least a third if not half of the audience of @5000 people left before the rain stopped.

My wallet is ruined, along with pretty much all of its contents.

Watch what you wish for, people.

24-08-2004, 18:55:10
pity post while laughing really hard.

24-08-2004, 18:59:48
Thanks...it's nice to know someone cares.

24-08-2004, 19:00:46
Well I wouldn't put it that strongly but I felt sorry for your weatherbound kids. :D

24-08-2004, 20:31:14
hopefully the breasts and panties were nice!

Jon Miller