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20-08-2004, 11:21:03


So is THIS "jumping the shark"?

Key Features:
Become a Samurai Master -- Dedicate yourself to the art of Bushido, with powerful new skills and deadly new weapons.
Join an Elite Ninja Clan -- Submit to the discipline of Ninjitsu, mastering stealth, deception, and the art of assassination.
Adventure on a New Continent -- Explore a new Japanese-themed land filled with scenic housing areas, mythical creatures, monsters, dungeons, and more.
Lay Claim to Exotic New Treasures -- New weapons, armor, clothing, house tiles, magic and more will reward the adventurous.
Powerful New Guild Systems -- Create a guild, set up ranks, declare wars on other guilds, and set win conditions. Recruiting new members and increasing your power have never been easier.

In other news, Ultima X online is dead! Take that Lord British!!! :beer:

Dear Ultima X: Odyssey community members, (http://www.eagames.com/redesign/games/pccd/uxo/home.jsp)

As of today, development on Ultima X: Odyssey has ended. We feel that Ultima Online is where we need to focus our online efforts and most of my team will be moving to the UO expansion pack, the UO live team, and an unannounced Ultima Online project. Development on UO will be greatly enhanced as we consolidate our resources behind that franchise.

This isn't an easy decision but itís the right move for the future of all things Ultima, including the community and the team. We look forward to sharing our plans for the future of Ultima Online very soon.

I would like to thank all of the Ultima X: Odyssey supporters who have been with us from the beginning. I hope you will continue to support the Ultima franchise and the development team as they transition to new projects.

Thank you,
David "InQWis" Yee
Producer, Ultima X: Odyssey

20-08-2004, 19:19:42
Yes. They are definately jumping the shark.

21-08-2004, 17:53:53
Who knows, could be fun. I have been tempted to reactivate my UO account on more than one occasion. For all it's faults it can still be a fun world to adventure in.

Nice thread title though :D

23-08-2004, 17:27:07
It was too good to pass up, and the main reason for the thread.

UO is one of the few online (edit:MMORPG) games I've considered playing, but I still haven't done anything other than Diablo2, which rocks, but gets old once you hit about clevel 30. Why play the same story through with tougher monsters and better equipment? I have just as much fun starting over at level 1.

23-08-2004, 18:11:52
Ninjas can take the form of seemingly harmless creatures (wolves, Serpents and others)

:eek: harmless?? the fuck?! didn't realise steve irwin was designing the game!